3 Way to Stretch Your Decorating Budget & “Fill” the Room

Ok, so have you noticed yet that filling a room with enough stuff to give it that lived in, homey look adds up?


I’m sure you have. 😉


One of the ways that I stretch clients’ decorating budgets (and my own) but still give their rooms that full, collected feel is using inexpensive décor from retail sources, mixed in with custom and American-made items. It’s also a great way to get that eclectic “mix” without breaking the bank.


My big three areas to save by buying retail are:

  • Pillows
  • Mirrors
  • Accent Tables


Moreover, there are crazy 4th of July sales going on this weekend, so these already low-cost items are all 25-30% for the next day or two.



I love to do custom pillows in gorgeous fabrics with hidden zippers and pretty trim details. I always use down inserts. Often, it’s just one, more high-end multi-colored fabric used on a pillow that ties together and entire design scheme.

However, I  sometimes have to fill in a design with some additional pillows, and that’s where I can shop retail — mostly for pillows in solid colors.

Use 2 square pillows in your sofa pillow mix, or put two lumbar sized pillows on matching lounge chairs.



Mirrors can be THE focal piece in a room and super expensive, or they can be supporting players and don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.


3 Places to Stretch Your Design Budget and "Fill" the Room

These convex gold framed mirrors in various sizes are a fantastic way to fill up an empty wall. I love to use 3 to either side of art that isn’t quite big enough.


And nothing looks more polished (without necessarily being expensive) than a gold mirror over a fireplace. I love to use round ones to break up all the boxiness that fireplaces naturally have.

Ok, so one of them isn’t gold and one of them isn’t round! But Louis Philippe and Venetian glass mirrors always look deluxe, even when they aren’t pricey.


Accent Tables

Mixing up your tables is a great way to give your space a collected feel. I definitely recommend some more unique options to clients where I think it counts for the design, but I fill in with these.

The first table in the first row is normally $995! The live edge coffee table is the best around for price if that style works with your home. Great for family rooms or kid spaces! The acrylic nesting tables are perfect if you need something to disappear visually, this iron c-table is the best little drink table that I use again and again, and, believe it or not, I use this store a TON for accent tables – just choose ones with more modern lines rather than the cottage-style options.


Freedom from Cords!

Lastly, this isn’t related to this post exactly, but it IS a great sale, from a great company!

One of my sponsors for the “Great NH Escape Great Room” in the 2019 Project House with Cottages & Bungalows Magazine and Yankee Barn Homes is Modern Lantern. Modern Lantern sells patented, USA-made battery-operated lamps.


cordless lamps

Here’s an in-progress shot of the dining area installation. Art not yet hung. Dining chairs not yet delivered. Rug, table, host chair, framed paint splatter plates.


The 2 chandeliers in this double+ height room are about 15 feet up. I knew I would need more intimate lighting for the family to play games and have meals. Modern Lantern’s Prisma Lamps were the perfect solution!

I’m telling you this now because Modern Lantern is taking 30% off all their ceramic lamps through Monday, July 8. I’ve never seen them on sale before!


Have a wonderful remainder of your holiday weekend!

‘Til next week!


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