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A number of years ago, I wrote an email titled something along the lines of, “How to be your own decorator.” It introduced a long-ago blog post that deconstructed one easy way to mix patterns in a room like a decorator might do.



I can’t even FIND the email or the blog post now (5 years of weekly posts, friends!!). But I remember it because one reader commented that, because of the subject line of the email, she thought I was going to teach her how to decorate step-by-step in that post.




I admitted the email was unclear and apologized, as the post only showed one way to pattern mix, let alone all the decisions that go into planning a complete room. HOWEVER, now I AM going to tell you how you CAN become your own decorator…


… but it’s going to take A LOT MORE than one single blog post to do it. 😉


A well-designed & supportive home doesn’t happen by accident. Let me tell you, one of the biggest blocks I see in homeowners who are having trouble is the mindset that decorating should be easy.


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Unfitted Kitchen/Converted Porch


They’re still trying to take a quick route, perhaps by –

  • Buying a new piece here or there, hoping something will make their room’s layout work.
  • Following a trend, thinking that’s the thing they’ve been needing to make a room click.
  • Sticking various pictures on the wall hoping to “fill up” a big empty spot.
  • Or – my favorite – endlessly searching for that paint color that will FINALLY “tie it all together.”


A Fresh Traditional Living Room: Project Concord Shingle Style REVEAL!


HERE’s what is “easy” – going out and buying a matched living room set, plopping it down in the middle of a large living room, and calling it a day. Lots of people are completely satisfied with that, and who am I to dictate what makes them happy at home???


post & beam great room by home glow design


But if that’s the kind of interior design YOU are happy with, then you wouldn’t be reading emails and blog posts from me, am I right????




Here’s my story – I wasn’t TRAINED as a designer. I was a public relations manager during the day and a classical musician by night.

Then I was an at-home mom. When we finally bought our Forever Home, I wasn’t happy with the options available to me as a homeowner. But I couldn’t afford to employ a designer to create the home I wanted FOR me, either.



SO I LEARNED. I went out, and I LEARNED DESIGN. That way, I could confidently put MY spin on our Forever Home and make it the home my kids will remember and in which my husband & I could take refuge.



I interned with Boston-area designers on my Handsome Husband’s days off and took online certifications. I read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on, joined a bunch of designer communities, and then bootstrapped my way through on-the-ground learning.



I basically became a professional decorator because I wanted to design my own Forever Home! 


I started Home Glow Design 5 years ago in 2016 with the desire to help other homeowners who had similar beliefs about the power of home to shape our memories — filled with the quality, comfort, and character that will stand the test of time.


I design spaces for my clients with this ethos front of mind.


A Grown-Up Dining Room: Project Classic Colonial Revival REVEAL! blue grasscloth


I learned design, because I wanted to.


(And let’s be frank, I’m STILL learning & evolving, just like anyone else who wants to excel in her profession. 🙂 )


So I ask you — do you WANT to learn design? Because if you so, you CAN.


Or are you still looking for that “easy route?”


The Home Glow Method:

A Formula for Forever Home Decorating


I’ve spent the last 2 years codifying my proven process in The Home Glow Method, my UNIQUE step-by-step system for decorating your Forever Home for keeps.



Anyone can find a TON of aspirational and inspirational design out there (including in many of the more than 200 posts on the Saturday Blog!). And yet so many homeowners are still stuck and overwhelmed, powerless as to how to create a space to their satisfaction, let alone design an entire home that feels unique and comfortable.


And I know that many homeowners are also busy spouses, parents, business owners, full-time professionals, community volunteers & leaders, creators, and more. Many crave a unique & comfort filled home, but don’t have the time to learn EVERYTHING.


That’s why The Home Glow Method presents a repeatable FORMULA for homeowners to follow that still fosters creativity — without sending you down just another Pinterest rabbit hole.


Home Glow Design New Hampshire Interior Designer


The Home Glow Method includes LIFETIME ACCESS to 10 Hours of Content:

  • 6 modules (17 lessons) that teach you my repeatable design process step-by-step, taking you from creating your unique Forever Home style to implementing a complete Forever room plan that you will LOVE.
  • 10 Weeks Access to Private Facebook Group where I’ll be posting additional illustrations of design concepts, show you how I work through a design project, and where students can post progress for feedback and help.
  • 8 LIVE Facebook Q&As with me so that you can get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum.
  • A 38-page workbook to chart your decisions & progress.
  • My 35-page resource guide, including how you can source trade-only décor.
  • My 23-page guide: Space Planning for Decorating Success! (normally $39)
  • Home Glow’s “Go-to White & Neutral Paint Colors.”
  • All my tips, tricks, hacks, budgeting guidelines, AND SO MUCH MORE — the majority of which have never been presented on the Saturday Blog.


The private Facebook group for students.



All for the price of what it might cost to have a 2-hour consultation with an experienced designer.

But your TAKEAWAY KNOW-HOW will be so much GREATER!


This is what my student, Sarah, a busy mom of 2 and business owner from California, has to say:



If you want me to literally be looking over your shoulder as you create your plan, I also have a VIP option that includes (3) 30-minute 1-on-1 Zoom sessions with me to give you my individualized attention and feedback as you progress through each stage.


I’m literally providing you EVERYTHING you need to know to learn to BE YOUR OWN DESIGNER.


Students also have *the option to add* my NEW UP-Level Masterclass: “How to Make Your Forever Home FLOW.”


What’s covered in the masterclass:

  • 45 minutes of actionable steps & visual examples, detailing —
  • How to overcome overwhelm as you contemplate applying your Forever Home Style to YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE.
  • How to apply your newly solidified Forever Home Style across the “map” of your home.
  • My “TOTALLY UNIQUE transition techniques using color & pattern to create a cohesive flow from room to room

(These are NOT your boring, so-called “transition tips” such as … “keep your trim the same color, keep your floors & doors consistent, blah, blah, blah.” These are techniques I use for my client projects, and I’ve NEVER blogged about them. Hush hush! 😉 )


The “How to Make Your Forever Home FLOW” Masterclass builds on the techniques taught in The Home Glow Method, and is therefore only available to students.


This is what one of my Canadian students, Brenda, has to say:


I created The Home Glow Method with real homeowners, real houses, & real budgets in mind. It is PRACTICAL in that it shows you how to create your timeless yet unique “mix” step-by-step, while balancing your budget according to your priorities.

Enrollment for Spring 2021 is open until Sunday, April 25 at 6 PM EST. After that, I won’t be re-opening the course until Fall 2021.


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor


If you want to learn how to create a PLAN THAT WORKS (And take advantage of those the July 4th sales without fear of making a mistake!), I highly encourage you to join us!


Head over to the info page to see ALL the particulars — the entire lesson plan, all the supporting materials, my tips & hacks, etc. — lots more student testimonials, pricing, timing, and all the rest!



I have poured all my heart, soul, know-how, and hard-lessons-learned into this program, and I deeply grateful & honored to know the new confidence that Method students now have!

Do you have any questions? I’m happy to answer any questions!! And don’t forget that there are 2 more sessions of my FREE Masterclass: My Insider Secrets to END Expensive Decorating Mistakes in Your Forever House. Sign up if you want to learn more!


Next week, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Saturday Blog programming. But this week, you’ll be receiving some extra emails from me about the Home Glow Method — more particulars, etc. If you’re truly serious about decorating your Forever Home, I hope you’ll consider The Home Glow Method!



‘Til then!


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