Summer Refresh: Amazing ART GIVEAWAY with Minted


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Man, oh man, you’re not going to want to miss this post! Not if unless you want to pass up the chance for your choice from Minted’s new June limited art prints! Who doesn’t love a summer refresh for their home?

(Up to $1,000 Value!)


Summer Refresh: Amazing ART GIVEAWAY with Minted
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Yep, I’ve been hard at work getting up some goodies for you, dear readers!


Interested????? Keep reading to the end!

But first, let’s back up a bit.


Art in a Well-Designed Forever Room


Art is CRITICAL to a well-designed room, but so often it is overlooked by homeowners until the rest of the room is finished. There are a couple problems with this scenario:


  1. Art absolutely plays into the color and style balance of a room. If you wait until the end of decorating to add it, you may throw your entire scheme off!
  2. Art is meaningful for many people & can take some time to select. It can be like searching for a needle in a haystack trying to find something meaningful, the right size, AND the right color/style balance after everything else has been figured out.


Caveat: That’s not to say you can’t find art you love to fit the space after the fact; it’s just a LOT HARDER. There’s a reason why serendipity means “a desirable discovery by accident.”



This is where a homeowner’s approach to art and a designer’s to art may differ (even in our own homes). A designer thinks about art as a part of the whole:

A room can showcase a meaningful art treasure as a focal point by quietly supporting it or art can be the launch pad for a whole room design …

but art is NEVER an afterthought.


 Amazing ART GIVEAWAY with Minted
Pappas Miron


Summer Refresh: Amazing ART GIVEAWAY with Minted
Gary McBournie


Summer Refresh: Amazing ART GIVEAWAY with Minted
Jayne Design Studio


A Fresh Traditional Living Room: Project Concord Shingle Style REVEAL!
Home Glow Design


Limited Edition Art Prints


I love to employ original art in a home whenever I can, but often originals are just not in the budget. When that’s the case, I love knowing that there are companies like Minted that enable working artists to create quality, limited-edition reproductions at a price point that makes supporting living artists a possibility for most homeowners.

Not to mention the ability to beautify their homes & lives with living artists’ inspired work!


I recently employed Minted limited editions stretched on canvas in Project HGD Modern Rustic (iPhone sneak peek here — full reveal in the Fall!)


Modern Rustic Entry with Windsor Bench, Vintage Rug -- Home Glow Design
art on canvas


Depending upon the type of work — painting, photography, pen & ink, etc., — Minted offers different ways to set off and frame your selected piece.


Summer Refresh: Amazing ART GIVEAWAY with Minted


Now, Minted has just release its newest June collection of limited edition art prints.

Some of my favorites below.



Summer Refresh GIVEAWAY with Minted!


THIS WEEK Minted has teamed up with Home Glow Design to give away a piece from the new June collection (up to $1,000 value) to one lucky Saturday Blog reader! Entry form below.


You get additional entries by referring your friends and family!


Giveaway begins on Saturday, June 12 at 6:00 AM and goes through Friday, June 18 at 6:00 PM.

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Wishing you luck in the giveaway! See you next Saturday!





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