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Hey! I hear from so many readers who are just stymied when it comes to taking the plunge and really investing their time, money, and effort into FINALLY transforming their forever houses into the Forever Homes they so deeply crave …

… One that feels like a second skin.

… One that functions well & supports them and their families with all their million daily doings!

… One that will be the home their kids see in their memories, the backdrop for their every day lives! 


One that looks & feels GREAT — like it was designed by a professional … 
but was actually created by YOU!


Over and over, readers tell me their reason is that they’re TERRIFIED of making expensive mistakes they can’t afford to fix! So instead, they keep trekking back and forth with cheap Home Sense finds that never end up working out like they hope.


How Beth’s Kitchen Went from “Stuck” to “STUNNING”


Here’s Beth’s story. Beth was in the beginning stages of planning a large-scale renovation of her beach house. 

She was stumped on her beach home kitchen flow and terrified of spending $15,000 on cabinetry that would be a mistake she couldn’t afford to fix!


“Before” Images



Mud Room


Powder Room


Beth wanted her home investment to pay off … and she was willing to get a little “design insurance” to make sure that it did! So, she enrolled in The Home Glow Method®, Home Glow’s step-by-step system teaching homeowners to design their OWN Forever Homes, just like we do for our full-service clients!


Beth’s Experience in The Home Glow Method®


Home Glow Design: “Tell me about your design efforts before taking The Home Glow Method®.” 

Beth S.: “Before I enrolled in The Method®, I struggled with where to start in updating my home’s main living spaces. I had always taken a room-by-room (and sometimes piece-by-piece) approach to decorating, but my lack of progress toward the vision in my head made me feel stuck and afraid of making a costly mistake.”


HGD: “Has your approach now changed?”

Beth S.: Yes! I have totally incorporated the lessons from the course — thinking about the architecture of my home, my own preferred design style, and most importantly, the feeling that I want my home to have — before I start buying items.

 “What was your biggest “AHA!” moment?”

Beth S.:  “My biggest realization was when I was struggling to find backsplash tile for our beach house kitchen renovation – nothing was working to add some much needed color to our white and walnut scheme I had selected before I enrolled in the course.

The lightbulb went on when I remembered what I learned in our very first module on creating a Forever Home Style. I revisited my work — it made choosing all the other finishes and accents so much simpler, and now the whole first floor flows together in the way we hoped!

“The Home Glow Method® has made it so much simpler to choose cabinetry and finishes that support the different “looks and feels” I want our homes to have … and to not get sidetracked by beautiful, but unsuitable, styles!”


Blue & White Coastal Kitchen Renovation with The Home Glow Method®
The Mood Board Beth created with The Method®


HGD: “Having taken The Home Glow Method®, describe how you feel now as you design your home moving forward?”

Beth S.: “I feel more thoughtful about home design, better prepared to make good decisions. And I have lots of great resources to choose from, thanks to your thorough course materials!”


HGD: “If a close friend were on the fence about signing up for The Method®, what would you tell him or her?”

Beth S.: “The Method® provides so much thoughtful content, lots of concrete resources, great worksheets, and lots of helpful tips I hadn’t read anywhere else. And knowing all of Amy’s projects & tips from her blog, I felt completely confident in her advice.”


“I think The Home Glow Method® was the best money I’ve ever spent in designing and decorating my home.” 


Beth’s Forever Home Kitchen Results!


“After” Images

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen Renovation with The Home Glow Method®

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen Renovation with The Home Glow Method®

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen Renovation with The Home Glow Method®

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen Renovation with The Home Glow Method®

Blue & White Coastal Kitchen Renovation with The Home Glow Method®


In Beth’s Own Words:


Because she took The Home Glow Method®, Beth was able to:

  1. Change the layout of her kitchen for better flow.
  2. Forge a Forever Home Style that is in tune with BOTH her home’s bones AND her own personal style.
  3. Confidently use color!
  4. Create continuity even while mixing her finishes, lighting scheme, and tile choices.


Do YOU want the confidence & the know-how to TRANSFORM your own Forever Home????


Create Your Forever Home AT LAST!


The Home Glow Method® is currently accepting potential students on the Wait List. If you don’t want to miss being notified when I open up the next session, be sure to sign up! And head on over to the info page for all the details about the course, and tons of more student testimonials.


I hope to see YOU in the next session of The Home Glow Method®!


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