PART 2: HUGE REVEAL Project HGD Summer Sunsets

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Ok, it’s been a hot minute since I posted the first part Project #HGDSummerSunsets, which was featured in the January/February issue of New Hampshire Home Magazine — I don’t know where the time goes! 


A NH Lake House That Blends Old & New


As I talked about in my last post, this project was 2.5 years in the making. I signed onto this project  pre-pandemic — during the architectural design phase. We were tasked with incorporating numerous heirlooms from the family’s history of decades spent on this lake, even though a new house was being built! The result is a beautiful New Traditional style home that blends vintage touches on a transitional style base, with a few modern accents thrown in for fun.

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In Part 1, I walked you through the “public rooms” on the ground floor — the entrance, laundry room, powder room, and great room.

Today, I’ll take you through the family’s “private quarters” — the wife’s office (oh my goodness, the MURAL!!!!), the master suite (you have to see the shower tile!), the teen loft, the sons’ bedrooms & en suite bath, and the guest bedroom.


The Master Suite


The homeowners favored a slightly stronger traditional bent in their master bedroom than in the other rooms of the lake house. They really wanted it to feel a bit luxurious.

We delivered! We designed a custom upholstered bed to accommodate their adjustable Temper-Pedic mattress in a watery blue moire fabric (to mimic the water outside!), a chaise in the same fabric for morning coffee, a super soft hand-knotted, New Zealand wool rug, and ample bedding.


Notice the v-groove millwork on the ceiling for texture & interest!



The design of the master suite really keyed off of 2 very “traditional” style items — the stunning rug in our chosen color palette and the heirloom horse painting (above the bed).

To balance the dark wood tones of the painting’s frame & coloring, we chose an American-made dresser in a darker stained oak on the opposite side of the room.




We wanted to ensure a good “mix” of styles to ensure continuity with the rest of the home, so we brought in some more modern shaped pieces — the bedside tables and a fun drinks table by the chaise in a more organic wood texture.


Want to learn to a NO-FAIL formula to mix furniture styles in YOUR home?

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Aren’t those silver branch stools at the base of the bed stunning?!?!?!?!


Table lamps


Using the same fabric in multiple spots is a wonderful way to create serenity, even while using pattern. Here, we used the same sage green linen (discontinued) for the drapes, the Euro shams on the bed, and the end-of-bed stools.


Flush mount light


In the master bathroom, we continued with a number of decorative themes that you read about in Part 1 of the reveal:

  1. We wrapped the space in v-groove paneling
  2. Used the same indoor-outdoor woven sheer for the cafe curtains (mildew-resistant!) as in the dog wash
  3. Repeated the rift-sawn white oak for the vanity & the marble-like Neolith for the counters as in the kitchen

Don’t know about Neolith? Read this post.


The wife wanted every surface to be extremely low maintenance. She didn’t want natural stone, like marble, for the floors. We found this porcelain basketweave mosaic that was lovely & understated, without any of the possibility for discoloration or etching that marble has.

We chose a stunning watery-blue zellige tile for the shower walls. The variation mimics that sun on the water outside on the lake!


Thinking of using super popular, but super classic zellige tile in your own home? Read this post first!

3 Important Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Use Zellige Tile


aqua blue zellige tile in the shower


The floor tile flows seamlessly into the zero-entry shower, which was designed with aging-in-place in mind. The hand-held shower faucet is placed at hand-height, in case future circumstances dictate needing to be seated while washing.


TIP: For an easy win, choose a mosaic floor tile for your bathroom. You can use it in the main vanity area AND the shower. (The many grout lines ensure it isn’t too slippery, and it can be adjusted to have water flow into your drain.)

Some of the worst mistakes I see in homeowner-led renovations are tile schemes that are too complex. I really like simplicity — it’s classic & stands the test of time. Read this post about 2 very common bathroom tile mistakes.


The Wife’s Office


Ok, I think this is my favorite room I’ve ever been privileged to design!


Flush mount light


I was soooooo thrilled when the wife went for my vision for this space, which is now a little 10 x 10 jewel box!

  • Woods mural wallpaper
  • Modern daybed in two fabrics
  • Floating oak shelves
  • Green leather desk chair



The wife wanted to have a file cabinet and a space for a printer. Because the space was so small, we had this shallow desk custom made. The left side houses the file cabinet, and the right has a printer pullout.


The Teen Loft


The bedrooms for the family’s 2 sons, as well as a guest room, surround this loft hangout space. The snow shoes & water ski are family heirlooms from the wife’s mother’s time on the lake!


The two small ottomans were custom made and are on roller ball casters for easy movement around the sectional.

Check out this IG post to see the surprise serving trays they have!



The Bedrooms & En Suite Bathroom


The bedroom for the oldest son, who is in college, was designed with the future in mind and includes an en suite bath … i.e. for if/when the sons get married! To that end, we chose a color scheme that was more couple-neutral — cornflower blue & white.



We incorporated one of the homeowner’s previously re-upholstered swivel chair into this room. Worked great! More heirloom oars on the walls.


You’ll also notice a return of the v-groove, once again on the ceiling. The satin finish used on all millwork makes the v-groove ceiling subtly shine. This reflectivity helps the room seem larger than its 7 1/2′ ceilings would otherwise allow.


We also employed the same technique of repeating a fabric as in the master bedroom — here on the upholstered bed and Roman shades.


 Sconces / Chair


A desk area was created in each son’s room so it wouldn’t be a problem if they needed to study while visiting.



For the en suite bathroom, we opted for a custom vanity that looks like an unfitted furniture piece! The deep drawer in the center is actually 2 drawers — a shallower drawer over a deeper one behind the drawer front. 

I love the mix of the different hues of blue between the vanity & the v-groove wainscot with the evergreen penny tile on the floor and the blue tile in the shower in a chevron pattern to keep it youthful!



The Cat Stevens print was in the homeowners’ collection. It was the perfect bit of “quirk!” We had it reframed for the space.

A vintage folding chair is the perfect spot for folded clothes.


The guest room is the only upstairs bedroom without a desk. We repurposed a headboard that already belonged to the homeowners and cocooned the room in a variegated bark-like wallpaper for subtle texture.  The bedside tables are wrapped in a moss green lacquered linen.


I ADORE the mix of colors & patterns in this space! Very autumnal New Hampshire —  burnt sienna & moss green, flying geese and acorns & oak leaves.




The dresser is new, but distressed and made to look vintage. The gray color is unexpected and feels collected over time. The mirror was a part of the homeowners’ collection. Vintage family photos from time on the lake.


The younger son’s room is in between the above two bedrooms. This room naturally feels cozier by virtue of its being the only non-corner bedroom (i.e. without the windows on 2 sides). To capitalize on that natural feel, we had it painted Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.

While overall the scheme is simple & tailored — fitting for a teen NH boy — we were able to mix patterns in a way that didn’t feel over the top or pretentious.


Table lamps (on clearance!)


Notice the mix of fabrics on the upholstered bed — menswear stripe on a wool-sy teal fabric on the headboard, and a moss green linen blend on the bed’s side rails & footboard. Just a single decorative pillow (which will end up on the floor anyway ;).



The window box nook is a favorite space for reading and listening to music. We had an extra thick cushion made for comfort!

For continuity, we used the same sconces as in the master bedroom and the stairs, but in the bronze finish. The Roman shade was custom made to fit under the eave.


Desk lamp / Chair


I am so grateful to the amazing clients who put their trust in me and Home Glow Design to make their dream Forever Home come true! It is an honor to help families truly feel AT HOME and create the spaces that will support both their dreams and their memories.



Do YOU want to LEARN how to transform your house into the timeless HOME of your dreams?


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‘Til next time!



11 thoughts on “PART 2: HUGE REVEAL Project HGD Summer Sunsets”

  1. What an amazing job you’ve done here, Amy! Love the color palette and the mix of traditional and transitional pieces. And the views are to die for!

    1. Thank you! Timeless style is all about the right mix, for sure.

      Can’t say I had anything to do with the gorgeous views — that would be God for making them and Bonin Architects for knowing how to show them off so beautifully! 😘

  2. You know what, you are a really good designer 🙂 NICE WORK! Loving how these colors and patterns go together, and how it’s not in your face maximalist/boho colorful, but still a far cry from all-neutrals.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie. I very much appreciate your compliment. 🙂

      I love color & pattern, but also wanted this home to feel livable/lovable for the long term.

  3. Hands down my favorite project! The mixing of color, pattern and finishes is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! If I do another whole house, I’ll need a design assistant, though! 😌This was a lot for this one-woman show.

  4. You did such a beautiful job designing the interior of this home! It’s peaceful, welcoming, and interesting all at the same time!

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! It was a great challenge. It’s so rewarding when your hard work pays off and makes the family so happy.

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