"Great Escape" Great Room

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For the Cottages & Bungalows Magazine‘s 2019 Project House partnership with Yankee Barn Homes, we conceived our “Great NH Escape” Great Room for an active family from a suburban/Metro area who crave the quiet and rugged outdoors of New Hampshire for their getaway weekends, both winter and summer.

Though a second home, we felt that the parents truly saw Yankee Barn Homes’ spectacular post-and-beam Springfield Barn House as a “Forever Home-Away-from-Home” – the long-term backdrop for their family’s North Woods memories and a refuge to return to time and again from the noise of the more congested town where they live. As such, we furnished it with the same well-crafted, American-made décor that would stand the test of time in any investment home and a fresh classic style that would reflect the fun vitality of their family.

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