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In our “Hopkinton Historical” project, the homeowners had completed a large entertaining & piano room addition on their 1790 Cape Cod home. The husband’s style tended toward a Ralph Lauren, while the wife wanted the room brightened and freshened somehow. The wife had also inherited a number of vintage furniture pieces and rugs.

We helped the couple determine what was worth keeping and where it should go. (Chippendale dining room set, yes! Oriental rugs – keep, but move to family room.) We also kept the dark blue paint, which the husband loved. We lightened the room with a rug with a pale blue ground and lighter colored furnishings, using an infusion of vintage furniture to keep the antique nature of the home continuous. We were able to highlight the wife’s beloved black and white art, a gift from her father, which until then had been in an out-of-the-way location and rarely seen.


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Home Style Compatibility QUIZ!

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