Cultivated Eclectic

Design by Jenny Wolf Interiors
Design by Jenny Wolf Interiors

How To Create Your
Cultivated Eclectic Home Style

Having a forever house is like being in a committed, long-term relationship. There are qualities you may LOVE about your partner (your house in this scenario), but there also may be things you DON’T like…. and the areas where your personalities clash may be causing “compatibility issues.”

These “compatibility issues” usually arise when there is a disconnect between the natural bent of your home’s architecture and your own style preferences.

They manifest themselves when you try to decorate your home but nothing seems to work or you’re too overwhelmed to even try! 

But there’s a way for you and your forever house to CREATE A RELATIONSHIP & BRING OUT THE BEST in each other!


Steps to a Cultivated Eclectic Style "Relationship"

So — here’s the compatibility issue: Both you and your forever house like traditional style (including some antiques) … but the sophisticated side of YOU loves some really contemporary pieces as well.

In your case, a tailored but collected style like Cultivated Eclectic — which employs traditional silhouettes with soulful patina juxtaposed with sleek, modern accents — is a great style choice.

Keep your major furniture buys traditional in shape so that your house feels comfortable in its own skin. Then throw in a sculptural modern accent piece here and there to satisfy your sophisticated side!

  1. Make sure that all your major upholstery have silhouettes that are traditional in design — like rounded arms, tapered or turned legs, & skirts.
  2. Add 1 or 2 well-curated antique pieces — a cabinet, console table, or mirror.
  3. Keep your fabric patterns subtle & understated — think menswear patterns, simple geometrics, velvets, & wools.
  4. Get your modern fix in smaller accent pieces — accent tables, lights, & art are a great place to start.
  5. Add a little black to give your design that sophisticated “edge.”

Overlay ANY COLOR palette you wish -- that's where your own

personality can really shine through!

Your Curated Resources
Cultivated Eclectic

To support your new vision for your Forever Home’s transformation, I’ve put together some resources just for you!

  1. A SUPER COOL formula to ENSURE your home style “MIX” success!
  2. A popular blog post on how to use vintage “brown” furniture that will give your rooms soul (and save your budget!).
  3. My curated collection of high-quality traditional sofas & traditional lounge chairs so that your foundational upholstery pieces are spot-on with your style … AND will stand up to 10-20 years of kids & pizza parties!
  4. Some modern lighting you’ll love.
  5. A blog post showing you one easy, fail-proof furniture item for you “mix.”
  6. My FREE Real Design Budgets room by room (updated for 2022) — so you can know what to expect to spend on the pieces that will get the most wear & tear.


Wondering WHY I'm qualified to give this advice?

Hey! I’m Amy.

And I was once that clueless Forever Homeowner, just like you!

When the info I needed to transform my newly-acquired forever house into the Forever Home I envisioned wasn’t available, I decided to boot-strap it and learn design from the ground up. I eventually turned my passion into a full-time career!

That was 10 years ago. Wow, time flies! These days, I:

  • Have owned my interior design company, Home Glow Design, for more than 6 years.
  • Have a whole bunch of happy Forever Home clients & more than a dozen magazine-published projects to my credit.
  • Reach nearly 60,000 readers every month through Home Glow’s “Saturday Blog.”
  • Teach my hard-earned lessons learned to design enthusiasts like you through my interior design course for homeowners, The Home Glow Method ®.

My passion is helping YOU create your forever home with the character, quality, & comfort that will stand the test of time!


Because NOBODY likes wasting $$$ on

furniture that will be in the landfill in 5 years!!!

Got questions?
FREE Results Implementation Call

Have questions about your Quiz Results? I’ve got you COVERED!

Schedule a FREE 15-minute Results Implementation Call and we’ll get you confident & on your way to transforming that forever house into the FOREVER HOME you crave!


The Power of Home Is Real.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the important first step (understanding what style is compatible for both you AND your home) toward transforming your forever house into the Forever Home you dream of.

Listen, I’m here to help guide you on that path, whether:

  • You’re a brand new homeowner,
  • You’ve owned your home for 10 years and are just starting to sift through accumulated hand-me-down furniture,
  • Or you’re an empty-nester *finally* getting to decorate your home the way you’ve always wanted.

So let’s get to know one another!

And while you’re at it, come hang out with me on Instagram or Facebook!

I’ll be seeing you soon.  Happy Decorating!


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