Why Do You Need This Guide?

You forever home should support you physically (efficiency & quality) & emotionally (unique character that puts you at ease!).

So decorating it well is a commitment to your family’s quality of life!

Like any other long-term investment (car, college, buying your home), you need to do your research about how much furnishing it will cost. That way, you can responsibly examine your desires vs. needs and prioritize your hard-earned budget accordingly, knowing that the end result will be a home fulfills your hopes and dreams…

…without angsting over how you’re going to pay for it!

Get the direction you need!

What will you learn?

While you can decorate your home beautifully on any budget, there is a certain minimum you realistically need to be prepared to spend …

… if you want to decorate with a look and quality that will stand up to changing fads, pets, and pizza parties, that is.

And perhaps more if you want to do what you really want!

With my guide, you’ll be able to set realistic decorating budgets for your Forever Home – including a few tricks about where to spend and where to save.

Real Interior Design Budgets

Stop stressing. START PLANNING. Get Decorating!

Amy Mitchell at design table

Who am I?

Hey! I’m Amy, owner of Home Glow Design and creator of Home Glow’s Saturday Blog. My passion is helping homeowners decorate their forever homes, with the character, quality, & comfort that will stand the test of time!

Get the direction you need!

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