for Decorating Success!

23 Pages of Insider Tips: Clearances & Measurements, Pitfalls to Avoid, & Creative Solutions to Strange Space Situations

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • A professional designer’s advice & insider tips for space planning in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, & dining rooms.
  • Advised clearances & dimensions in those spaces.
  • How to optimally size your lights, art, & rugs.
  • Space planning pitfalls I frequently see homeowners make — so you can avoid them!
  • My tips for working around space planning dilemmas by room. 

Do you have open-floor plan woes?????

Let’s take your space from “cavernous” to COZY.

Small space uncertainty?

Let’s CONFIDENTLY fill your room with right-sized furnishings for that Forever Home feel!

Get the clarity you need!

Why do you need this guide?

There is NOTHING worse than wasting $3,000 on a TOO-BIG sofa. 

Do YOU fear wasting money on a BIG design mistake???

I HATE wasting money. 

And as much as a spilled ice cream cone makes me want to cry, multiplying that cost x1000 can send me into a full-on meltdown.

(Pun intended. HA!)

Lots of people might try to “play it safe” with a “standard-sized sofa,” there’s a BIG PROBLEM with that strategy.


➡️ TRUTH: There are A LOT of “standard sofa” sizes. For example, lengths of 72″, 84″, 96″, 110″ …. Depths of 36″, 38″, 40″, 44″…. Heights of 30″, 32″, 34″, 36″ ….

➡️ TRUTH: No house is “standard.” Going out and just buying stuff without first thinking through how it will work in your unique home WON’T give you the lovely rooms you crave. Making your space plan FIRST is work, but it results in CONFIDENCE, knowing that your purchases will be a success.


With this Guide you can:

  • KNOW you have the correct clearance between your furnishings for flow & ease.
  • PROPORTION  your furniture beautifully in relation to each other.
  • FEARLESSLY hang the perfect sized light fixtures at the perfect height.
  • PLAN your art, so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of postage stamps on the wall.
  • NEVER buy a too-small rug again!
  • FIGURE OUT those “weird” spaces that can’t use  a typical layout.

…and so MUCH MORE!

23 Pages of Professional Insider Tips!

You’ll find my designer “boots-on-the-ground” insights in the pink boxes scattered throughout. These are *golden nuggets* my friends!

Before & After

Empty & forlorn to luminous and lived-in!

Before & After

Cluttered & and dismal to collected & comfortable!

Get the confidence you need!

From Teresa E.:

“Oh my gosh! These rules-of-thumb for space planning and furniture & accessory sizing were enormously helpful!”


Stop Stressing. Start Planning. Get Decorating.

Get the success you need!


Hey! I'm Amy.

And I was once that clueless Forever Homeowner, just like you! 

When the info I needed to design my own Forever Home the way I wanted to wasn’t available, I decided to boot-strap it and learn design from the ground up.

Now, I’m a professional interior decorator with dozens of happy clients & a slew of magazine-published projects. I’m also a design blogger through Home Glow’s “Saturday Blog” & design educator with “The Home Glow Method.”

My passion is helping YOU decorate your forever homes, with the character, quality, & comfort that will stand the test of time!

Let’s make YOUR home GLOW!

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