A Comprehensive Consultation and Action Plan, via Zoom

Would you drive from New York to San Francisco without a GPS?

Or, (since we’re outdoorsy here in New Hampshire) would you go on 3-day backpacking trip without a compass?

No way!!!

And you shouldn’t decorate without direction when it comes to creating your forever home, either.

… That is, unless you actually like wasting time, energy, and money without arriving at your desired destination. 

Whether you live near or far, and whether you intend to decorate your Forever Home quickly and get it done, or plot out your course over a period of years, we’ll tackle your biggest challenges, your style, your budget, and your timeline and create your personal Forever Home Road Map to get you where you want to go and make your home glow.

Via Zoom, we will use my 5-Step Signature Process to:

  • ​Assess your current home situation – what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Review your desired results, both functionally and stylistically.
  • Hone your vision according to your own Forever Home’s architectural bones and style, identify your starting point, and discuss your potential decorating launchpad.
  • Determine a realistic budget for your #1 priority space and how your décor wish list can work within that budget (including utilizing some of my Design Savvy $ saving tips!)
  • Create your Forever Home Road Map – a clear vision and direction to decorate your home, with special attention to your #1 priority space to launch you on the rest of your journey.

What You’ll Get:

  1. Questionnaire and information for guiding your thoughts prior to our consultation.
  2. Instructions for creating inspiration boards.
  3. Information how to photograph your home, including your #1 priority space, so that I ‘m best prepared for your consultation.
  4. Our 90-minute 5-step consultation.
  5. Recording of our session so you can refer to it at any time.
  6. My “Forever Home Road Map” summary with clear directions so that you can be on your way to arriving at your goals!

Get the direction you need!

Only $699

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