Convince Your S.O. to Paint Your Room Any Color You Want!

It’s the last week of the One Room Challenge, and my Artfully Fresh Foyer is all ready; I’m just waiting to get the photographs!!! So two more quick design inspiration posts for the Saturday blog. Today — fresh, classic rooms in every color. Where can you find them? On Home Glow’s Pinterest page.

Home Glow’s Pinterest Page — How It’s Different, How to Use It

Tons of designers have amazing Pinterest pages (and you might, too!) with thousands of images, usually categorized by room — dining rooms, living rooms, libraries, etc. — or other subjects, like table settings and styling ideas. Home Glow’s page isn’t like that.

My page centered around one theme — gorgeous (not garish) color and fresh, classic style. I’ve selected only what I consider to be my favorite rooms, and then I’ve categorized them by color, including what paint colors were used, where I can find them. I also always include the designer, for those of you who are curious to know who was the brains behind the beauty! Additional topics include “Wall to Wall Wallpaper” for the wallpaper lover, “Early American Ease” for those of us with really old houses but want comfort too, and “Color in the Kitchen.” Want to paint your kitchen cabinets salmon? I have a Pin for that! A quick run-down of topics:

  • Green with Envy
  • Blue Suede Hues
  • Nearly Neutral
  • Fade to Grey
  • Back to Black
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Killer Coral
  • How Now, Brown Cow?
  • Red Rum, Red Rum!
  • Lovely Lilac
  • Wall to Wall Wallpaper
  • Color in the Kitchen
  • Early American Ease

Want a sample? I’m here to oblige! (All images can be found on my Pinterest pages with links to original sources, where I could find them.) Besides these images here, each category includes rooms in multiple shades of each color.

Green with Envy

Margaret Kirkland
Margaret Kirkland

Blue Suede Hues

Robin Henry
Lindsey Coral Harper

Lovely Lilac

Mandarina Studio
Gerald Pomeroy

Pretty in Pink

Thomas Jayne
Chloe Warner

Killer Coral

Kari McCabe
Katie Ridder

Red Rum, Red Rum!

Massuco Warner Miller
Miles Redd

Pumpkin Pie

John Barman
Katie Rosenfeld

Mellow Yellow

Mendelson Group
S.R. Gambrell

How Now, Brown Cow?

Chenault James
Tom Scheerer

Back to Black

Bruce Glickman & Wilson Henley
Studio McGee

Fade to Grey

McGrath 2
Patricia Sanchez

Nearly Neutral

Collins Interiors
Rose Uniacke

Color in the Kitchen

John Huh
Katie Ridder

I found the pink and coral rooms particularly useful when I was trying to show my handsome husband what I wanted to do with our ORC foyer (painted Pirates Cove Beach by Benjamin Moore). Did I forget anything? Do you have any good rooms to add??? I would love to hear if you think this kind of Pinterest organization is helpful!


Thursday I’ll be back with the final reveal of my foyer! I can’t wait to show you!








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    1. Ha! That is my DREAM kitchen, right down to the central farmhouse table. Thanks, and I’m definitely going to be pinning some of YOUR latest projects. 😉

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