Get the Look: A Patternful Blue & White Dining Room for the Holidays


My eyes basically popped out of my head when I received the latest issue of House Beautiful and I saw Lee Ann Thornton‘s jewel box redo of a Connecticut ranch house. The woodwork (which was all brand new, apparently — amazing what you can do with applied moldings), the colors, the patterns, the cozy rooms, everything, everything is right up my personal style alley. Jewel box.

It is apparently up many people’s style alley, because I’ve seen it featured on two other design blogs already.

One room, in particular, that made me gasp was the lovely, yet so friendly-and-accessible-feeling dining room.

blue white dining room wallpaper
Lee Ann Thornton

I’d be hard pressed to find an individual who doesn’t like blue and white. It is the essence of classic.

I love Lee Ann’s employment of pattern-on-pattern, one of my favorite granny chic techniques. However, notice how carefully she plays with different pattern scales and tones/values of the blue color. That is where the designer works her magic!

While Lee Ann employs a number of very high-end trade-only sources, this is one look that the DIY decorator could imitate pretty successfully, I think, again, paying careful attention to scale and color. For some of the big ticket items, I’ve included some more budget-friendly options. Lots of vintage finds!

And, as always, note that items from companies like Schumacher, Noir, Visual Comfort, Merida, etc. are available to Home Glow Design  clients according to my pricing.


Get the Look: A Patternful Blue & White Dining Room


While it’s a pretty tight squeeze for any of you lovely readers to create a dining room from scratch before Thanksgiving, you could definitely have it done by Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year!


Let’s face it, this room starts, ends, and begins with this beautiful, antiqued floral wallpaper by Tyler Graphic. Sorry, trade only.

However, here are a couple of papers that give a similar look.

schumacher pyne hollyhock blue
Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock in Blue

Which was used to much acclaim in this dining room by Studio McGee.

Or, for a much less expensive option:

blue floral wallpaper
Brewster Wen Festival Floral Wallpaper, Sapphire

The next big patterned item is that stunning hand-blocked tablecloth from Zsuzsanna Nyul. Again, trade only. Do a google search, and you’ll find a number of block print tablecloths (this is one of my absolute favorite Etsy sources for block print tablecloths, and this Chairish shop has SOOOO many cool options) but whatever you find has to play nicely with your wallpaper! And for that reason, I really like this one from Pottery Barn.


Blue Floral Hand Block Printed Table Cloth
Available in 2 sizes/shapes


This Louis Mirror comes in gold and silver and is a really good price at $199. (Ballard is also having 25% off everything through Nov. 13.)

silver louis mirror
Ballard Designs Louis Mirror


The glass globe lantern comes next.


Lee Ann’s is from Paul Ferrante. Having enclosed glass drives up the price of any lantern. I love the first one below because it still has a little glass for shimmer, but you can go with a completely open orb chandelier for a similar effect without the added expense.


Rustic Glass & Iron Orb Chandelier
Rustic Glass & Iron Orb Chandelier


Or this one, for the more wallet conscious.


Black Open Orb Chandelier
Black Open Orb Chandelier



Interior Design Floor Plan Tips Tricks Measurements


I have a couple chair options for you.

Lisbon Cane Dining Chair, Brushed Ebony
Lisbon Cane Dining Chair, Brushed Ebony


And, for the more “value” end of the budget spectrum:

Oak Park Cane Dining Chair Beige
Oak Park Cane Dining Chair Beige


I adore mismatched blue and white china, but unless you are an avid picker, it can take a while to collect and mix and match well. This Etsy shop has a ton of sets already perfectly collected for you.


blue white ironstone mixed dining room
Mismatched Ironstone Service for 4

But if you want a mismatched china service for 12 and don’t want to spend hours and hours trolling the internet, Bunny Williams Campbell Service for Ballard is great. Again, 25% off through Nov. 13.


blue white mismatched china dining room
Bunny Williams Campbell House Dinnerware, Ballard Designs


If it were me, I’d add a hefty dose of vintage “brown” into the mix with a gorgeous sideboard. This one is from Baker, but I bet if you scope your local Craigslist or auctions, you’ll find something similar for half the price and no shipping. We’ll throw it into the mix, so you can see what it would look like with everything else.

Vintage Baker Sideboard
Vintage Baker Sideboard


Now, time to vary up your tones of blue! Add cobalt.

Lee Ann has some gorgeous hurricanes on her sideboard.


Blue Hurricane Candle Holder
Blue Hurricane Candle Holder


Ginger jars are a must. I’m lazy. I tend to look for sets.


Blue & White Asian Jars
Variety of Asian Blue & White Vases


Lastly, your natural items to keep things relaxed. Lee Ann’s rug is from Merida, but most of these braided jute rugs are all similar to each other. One from a retail source below.


Braided Jute Rug
Braided Jute Rug


Water hyacinth chargers are lovely (and inexpensive) beneath your dinner plates.


Set of Water Hyacinth Chargers
Set of Water Hyacinth Chargers

A couple of extra accents — and a wheelbarrow-full of blue hydrangeas — and you’re done! My favorites, all together below, for your pleasure!






Get the Look: A Blue & White Dining Room

4 thoughts on “Get the Look: A Patternful Blue & White Dining Room for the Holidays”

  1. Love love love this. Have always adored the blue/white combo and secretly want another home to do it all up. I would love to see a post on fireplace andirons/firedogs and/or ways to update your fireplace (can you paint the inside? if so, with what?). The fireplace season is upon us!

    1. I know. I wish I had room to do a blue and white room here, too. And thanks for the idea! I will definitely give it consideration!

  2. I really like the wooden sideboard that you added to the room design! As much as I liked the room when I saw it in the magazine, it seemed a little light and in need of some warmth and weight.not that I’m an expert. Also, it’s hard to see the table that is holding the mirror and blue and white ginger jars, so maybe it adds more to the room than appears in the picture. Your options are so wonderful and would make another beautiful room and much more affordable for most people. Thanks for another great post!

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