Chairish & 6 Designers Share Tips For A (Mini) Room Refresh (Pssst: Home Glow is the One of Them!!! ;)

I told you I might have a mid-week post for you!

Happy New Year!! Well, it actually still feels a little like the holidays, because the town’s school system just sent out a message that school is cancelled YET AGAIN tomorrow due to YET ANOTHER blizzard. So the kids will be home, tomorrow… again. They only left for 2 days.

People, we just got out of negative digits for the first time in a week today. And we have at least 2 more months of winter!

However, we (and when I say we, I mean me, because this small company really is just little ol’ me) are SUPER EXCITED because Chairish just featured Home Glow Design as one of 6 designers to interview about why they love to buy vintage and some quick home refresh tips for the new year.

And Home Glow Design is the cover shot!


Chairish also features a “curated” collection by each of us according to our style.

(I put that “curated” in parenthesis because I have a friend who actually is an art curator, and we all know that “curating” a collection of home decor and furniture doesn’t really fall under the same expertise.)

Am I freaking out?


You can read my featured tips here and my “curated” picks here. However, so that this isn’t completely blatant self-promotion, I’ve included some of my choices that I truly think are good deals, below.

And remember, if you sign up for Home Glow’s Saturday Blog, you’ll get my:

7 tips for buying consignment vintage cheap

Rather appropriate for today’s topic, dontcha think?

Please check out the other wonderful designers featured: Grace Frederick Design, Amal Kapen Interiors, Galyean Vail, Field Theory Design, and Jen Talbot Design. It’s an embarrassment of inspiration.

And thanks to Ivy (my super designer software company and 1,500+ designer community) and Chairish for this opportunity.

See you Saturday!

If I don’t freeze before then.


Home Sweet Home. (source)
Home Sweet Home. (source)

2 thoughts on “Chairish & 6 Designers Share Tips For A (Mini) Room Refresh (Pssst: Home Glow is the One of Them!!! ;)”

  1. Paula Moreshead

    Congratulations, Amy, on being selected by Chairish and on the cover shot! Well deserved, in my opinion. I’m a big fan of your blog and style. We’re enjoying a taste of your New England weather here in Florida this week, but I’m loving it!

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! Hopefully the orange crop hasn’t frozen 😉 Squam Lake is totally iced over 44 days earlier than the past two years, up here. Frigid!!!

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