9 Super Informative Decorating Blog Posts

Somehow I missed it, but my 2nd blogiversary passed me by a week or two ago. That’s a library of 122 posts! I’m so happy to see how Home Glow’s Saturday Blog audience has grown and continues to grow — already in 2018, the blog has received more than twice as many visitors as in 2016 and 2017 combined.


So, THANK YOU, dear readers!


Unlike many of the big decorating blogs out there, I really make $0 on this baby. Maybe that’s because I just haven’t put the energy into monetizing it. I dunno. I’ve tried in my small way. Yes, I have some affiliate links thrown in here and there, and I’ve sought out a couple of sponsorships for products that I already use and wanted to recommend anyway, but I’ve never made enough to get a check in the mail, if you catch my drift. 🙂

This blog has paid off in that most of my current clients have found me through it, which has really been my aim along — to be a blogging decorator, not necessarily a decorating blogger. I’m about as busy as this one-woman show can handle and loving all the different types of projects coming my way!


So, thank YOU, dear clients, for allowing me into your homes and lives!


This blog gives me satisfaction in and of itself, though, through all the comments and emails I get from readers saying how much my musings have helped them in their own renovations and decorating projects. Whether it is helping one reader love her hickory kitchen more, another find the perfect vintage chandelier, or — the biggie — helping one reader track down a scarce estate model 1930s Glenwood range (I’m still waiting for pics, Mike!), having the opportunity to pay it forward is a big payoff in my book!

So, for those readers who have only hopped on board lately, I’ve rounded up some of my most helpful, informative decorating posts from my second year of blogging. If you’ve been around for the longer haul, I hope you’ll excuse the walk down memory lane. Maybe an ol’ jog to the memory may kick start your next decorating project


1. A Simple Trick to Master Your Gallery Wall (Without Using a Single Nail)

Master Your Gallery Wall (Without Using A Single Nail)


Many new readers came on board Home Glow’s Saturday Blog when Laurel Bern recommended this post as an original method for testing out a gallery wall. Lots of designers have a software to handle this kind of thing, but for you lay-decorators out there, this is a failsafe way to ensure your wall will work before you make any new art purchases, put holes in your wall, or drive your Significant Other bonkers with all your masking tape and brown paper cut-outs (which don’t tackle color, pattern scale, or subject matter anyway!)


2. How Designers Stain-Proof Upholstery — and So Can You

How Designers Stain Proof Upholster


Before there were Crypton fabrics, designers still had ways of making red wine roll off white sofas, like you see above. If you bought your upholstery before performance fabrics were common — or if you didn’t get your upholstery covered in performance fabrics — this is a must-read.


3. How to Avoid Oriental Rug Overkill: 4 Tips for Coordinating Your Heirloom Rugs

How to Avoid Oriental Rug Overkill Coordinating Heirloom Rugs


I ADORE a good Oriental rug. In fact, many of them can be had for a song and are significantly higher in quality than many newer rugs being made. However, there can be too much of a good thing. Learn how to incorporate Orientals in your home without turning it into a museum.


4. The Easiest Way to Get a Designer Look — When You Aren’t Working with a Designer

The Easiest Way to Get a Designer Look When You Aren't Working with a Designer
Cloth & Kind

It’s not like I’m trying to put myself out of business or anything. 😉 I always think there is room for a decorator if you want to employ one — she’ll have access to more experience, knowledge, new ideas, discounts, and resources than a DIY decorator possibly can. (Believe me, I know! I was once a DIY decorator myself, and those reasons are why I wanted to turn pro!) But for many, there is a satisfaction in doing it yourself, among other reasons. If so, this post is for you.


5. A Window Treatment Trick That Will Save You Money (and Still Look Good)

Custom Window Treatments Put Icing on the Cake of This Client's DIY Kitchen


The above pic is from last week’s post, but I employed the tricks detailed here. A great option for when you have A LOT of windows to cover.


6. Is Tan a Dirty Word? Changing Attitudes Toward Greige, Beige, Taupe … and Manchester Tan


Anne Shirley didn’t think a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and I have a sneaking suspicion that certain awesome neutral colors wouldn’t get such a bad rap if they didn’t have such off-trend names, like “tan.” I’ve rounded up some beautiful inspiration for one of Benjamin Moore’s most versatile, but appellation-challenged colors, Manchester Tan.


7. 5 Timeless Kitchen “Trends” for All Budgets

5 Timeless Kitchen “Trends” for All Budgets
source unknown


Most people can’t afford to be SUPER trendy when it comes to renovating their kitchens. But these more recent developments in kitchen design are worth incorporating and are sure to have staying power over the life of your kitchen, no matter what your budget is.


8. 7 Lessons Learned in Outdoor Lighting (Our Home FINALLY Glows… in the Dark)

7 Lessons Learned in Outdoor Lighting


Installing outdoor lighting to replace the broken and/or inadequate fixtures that we’d lived with for 5 years was no small undertaking in our 1790 home. I did a ton of research to make sure that everything was size, style, and placement appropriate. Reap the rewards of my hard-spent hours if you’re thinking about upgrading your outdoor lighting before the hours grow shorter this fall.


9. How to Mix & Match Lighting Finishes in the Same Room

Home Glow Design How To Mix Match Lighting Finishes Same Room


Other than the big reveal of Home Glow’s Ultimate She-Shed, this post was by far the most popular of my recent One Room Challenge. Everyone always wants a simple formula for mixing finishes, especially in fixtures. In this post, I lay out a few guidelines that can steer you safely through these treacherous design waters.


Some of my posts from my first year in blogging continue to be some of my most popular. If you haven’t found these on your own, take a gander.


Why Your Gray Room Turned Blue (and How to Fix It)

The Knotty Pine Problem and 3 Alternatives to Painting It All

4 Fresh Ways to Use Your Parents Formal Dining Set

2 Etsy Sources for Custom Pleated Lampshades


And, again, THANK YOU so much for spending your Saturday mornings with me. I’ll see you next week with some new original content on … floors.

See you Saturday!



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  1. I just love your blog Amy! Especially since you DON’T have all those annoying popup ads. One of my favorites was on the subject of white and cream kitchens—I’ve referred many readers to it as examples of not being beholden exclusively to white or cream. I’ll keep reading as long as you keep writing!!

  2. Congrats on your blog-iversary, Amy! I have been following you since the very start and have loved watching your blog and your business grow. I am really happy for you that your dream has come to fruition – so well deserved!

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