It’s Freezing Outside, But It’s All About Warmth in These Interiors!


Yes, the weather has been friggin’ freezing, and maybe that’s why design is heating up with warmer colors! In last week’s post about an awesome show house, this room by designer Lauren DeLoach definitely seemed to be the favorite among readers.


Lots of Layers: Southerners Lead the Way in a Showhouse Spectacle

Photo by Jeff Herr. Terra cotta and dusty teal, layered with neutrals for a cozy, but easy-living space!


How amazingly beautiful is this close up from her Instagram account?

warming color trends in home design
via Instagram


I’ve actually noticed this same color combination a few times recently. I scrolled through my saved IG images, and they just keep popping up!


warming color trends in home design
Kelly Rogers Interiors via Instagram


Maybe it’s been so cold, we’re all seeking a little heat!


warming color trends in interior design
Price Style & Design via Instagram


Just as cool-color-dominated rooms need a bit of warmth to keep them from being stark, warm-color-dominated rooms need a touch of cool to keep them from getting overheated. That’s why terra cotta looks so great with dusty blues and grays.


warming color trends in interior design
Meg Lonergan via Instagram


You can see the rest of Meg’s super charming and eclectic home in this post.


And who in the world wouldn’t want to wake up in the below bedroom of the 800 sf guest cottage designed by Mallory Mathison … and especially when it’s 20 degrees below with the wind chill?!


warming color trends in interior design
Mallory Mathison via Instagram


I’m such a sucker for gingham. That’s a favorite bed of mine. Antique update. I totally want it.


Terra cotta is one of my wonderful client’s favorite colors in Project #HGDnewoldhouse. We looked long and hard for the perfect cement tile for this bathroom.


Rustic bathroom with cement tile by Home Glow Design


You can see my reflection in the glass!


Rustic bathroom with cement tile by Home Glow Design


The zinc sconces and cement-like quartz are working it! Custom vanity.



She wanted something that reminded her of her beloved French-style cafes in Asia.


warming color trends in interior design
via source


I really prefer terra cotta and these warm orangey colors as accents, as opposed to being a dominant wall color. Well, except when it comes to wallpaper.  Wallpaper slays me every time.


Some warm-colored design elements I love:


warming color trends in interior design
Round 40″ Mirror. This would be amazing in an entry with this vintage Federal console and 2 of these large ginger jars.


China Seas Pillow from one of my favorite Etsy shops. Pair it with a peacock velvet pillow.



warming color trend in interior design
This stupendous wallpaper!! How wonderful would it be in a guest room?!



warming color trends in interior design

Remember this post about the wonderful Chairish Artist Collective artist Wendy Powell? Well, she has a coordinating pair of these playful pieces here and here in her shop for double trouble. I’d place them over bedside tables in a sky blue girl’s bedroom.



On a more “grown-up” note, I love to do drapes in this fabric


warming color trends in interior design


with a pair of chairs like these ….


warming color trends in interior design


… in a cozy deep teal library.


5 Lessons Learned Beautiful Interiors of Brittany Bromley

Brittany Bromley


A couple of the most popular posts I’ve ever written have been about warm colors:

Changing Attitudes About Manchester Tan

Another Show House in Warm Hues and Creams

The Brilliance of Cream Kitchens


And while blues, grays, and some greens still seem to dominate most of my clients’ color preferences, I’ve had two recent requests for blues with accents of red! Can’t wait to get started. 🙂

Don’t worry, we won’t be heading back to 1990. It will be all #freshclassic all the way.



Stay warm, my friends!



4 thoughts on “It’s Freezing Outside, But It’s All About Warmth in These Interiors!”

  1. Amy, great post. Would you consider writing about “interior architecture”… I heard from James Howard instagram that it’s The thing and furnishings are just the icing. Well that’s true, everyone does the same wall paneling treatment from mr. Hadley to Mark Sikes, I see it. But I have no any idea how to make them and I’m jealous lol

    1. Hi Val. That’s a really great topic. Of course, James Howard and Mark Sikes are usually working with multi-multi-million dollar, architect-designed homes where every last architectural detail has been considered and created, whether the house is old or new. But I think that a person HAS to take a cue from her home’s architecture. The outside envelope will inform what millwork to use inside, etc. Then that millwork will inform the silhouettes of furnishings that are used…. with leeway, or course, considering the homeowner’s personal style. But I’ll definitely keep the topic in mind for a larger post! Thanks!

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