When White Trim Won’t Do — No Plain Jane Powder Room (ORC Week 3)

Quick update for today’s “No Plain Jane Powder Room” ONE ROOM CHALLENGE post!



If you missed previous weeks’ posts, here a quick guide:


Week 1: THE Jane Austen INSPIRATION

Week 2: Heating Hard-to-Reach Spaces & Tile

Week 2B: 3 Important Things to Know BEFORE You Install Zellige Tile

(This is a must-read if you’re thinking of using this timeless, anti-trendy tile.)


Now, on to today!


When White Trim Won’t Do

When I work on new builds or do color consultations with clients, we always choose a go-to trim color. It’s one of the easy ways to create a sense of continuity throughout the house.  In 99 cases out of 100, this trim color is some shade of white or ivory.

In my own 229 year old home, most of the trim is a creamy shade of ivory, Benjamin Moore Linen White. It’s a very creamy shade, but it works well in antique house.

However, even if you have a go-to trim color in your house, not every room has to use it in order for a house to feel balanced — particularly in “satellite” areas like mudrooms, powder rooms, dining rooms, and kids’ rooms.


green trim
Bryce Vann Brock via Better Homes & Gardens


green trim
Ben Pentreath


green trim
E.J. Interiors


green trim
Sarah Bartholomew via Southern Living


green trim
Isabelle Site via SF Girl by the Bay


(And if you have a “servants’ staircase,” that counts as a satellite area too. 🙂 )


I’m sure you see where I’m going with these images.



Yep, green trim!



And, my rockin’, Poltergeist wallpaper is up!


Head back over to the ORC to check out all the rest of the participants. It’s no joke to get a room done in 6 weeks. Huge props to all, and good night!




8 thoughts on “When White Trim Won’t Do — No Plain Jane Powder Room (ORC Week 3)”

  1. Lawdy, I do declare that is the most fabulous looking Powder room!! Love, love, a thousand times love that wallpaper! I really like a colored trim in these types of special spaces and this is looking so very fresh, especially this time of year when we are craving some color- this is going to be delightful all year ‘round….

  2. Omg! This is perfect. Love, love the green trim! And I totally agree with you about punched up satellite areas

    1. Thanks, Pamela! I feel very lucky to have found the tile on sale on Cle’s Second Shelf. Only needing 18sf, I wouldn’t have been able to order the minimum 250sf for a new batch!!

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