Mama’s 1st Business Trip Since Babies … an Insider Look at the Latest in Home Design!


Ok, so we’re 4 weeks into our kitchen remodel.  The renovation effectively cuts us off from half of our house. I’m getting into the groove of doing laundry at the laundromat and living in 1200 sf with extra furniture on top of us and the boys and pup underfoot, but I’d be lying if I said I like being at home right now.

If we could have moved out, I would’ve jumped at the chance! That being said, I’m DOUBLY STOKED to be going on my first business trip since having Thing 1 10 years ago.



And what a business trip! I have wanted to go to High Point for YEARS, but with young kids at home, grandparents far away, and a spouse with an unforgiving work schedule, it wasn’t possible.

Thanks, Mom! I’m happy for you that you’re retired, but I’m also happy for ME!

I’ll be partnering with Esteem Media to be one of the official Design Bloggers for Fall 2019 High Point Market.  I and 9 other designer/bloggers (I still refuse to say “influencers”) will be given a VIP behind-the-scenes look at all the latest design trends in all things home — furnishings, fabrics, wallcoverings, accessories and color.



The company I’ll be keeping is pretty legit.


I’m interested in learning as much from all of them as about the tour sponsors we’ll be scoping out.



I’ll be staying an extra day or two to see some of my other favorites vendors that aren’t on this specific tour, and I’ll bring you some info from them as well. I’m also hoping to do some IGTV videos — something I’ve done once, but never really got on board with to do regularly. I get the blog out pretty consistently, and that’s about all I can manage. 😛


(But I’ll be doing a ton of regular ol’ Instagram posts, so be sure to follow me for all the goodies!)


I leave on October 18th, 2 days after my 41st birthday.

If my GC wants to give me a gift, he can be done by the time I get back!


A few images from the home front:


“Look Ma! No roof!” I’m looking at the framing and dreaming of that wall of windows for our “converted porch.”


Windows on the kitchen side.




My GC built a new pond-side wall to raise the ceiling a full 2 feet. No more feeling squashed!



And summer temps may be gone, but we’re still on the lake when we get the chance. It’s h*** at home anyway. May as well freeze where it’s pretty.


I’ll be back next Saturday with more plans for the Remuddle Remodel. See you then!


Home Glow Design Shop on Chairish


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