Sneak Peeks at Current Projects & High Point!!!


This weekend is my virgin trip to High Point Market, and I’m sooooo thrilled to be visiting as one of 10 bloggers on Esteem Media’s Design Bloggers Tour. Follow along on Home Glow’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to see all the in-progress goodies.


Thank you to those of you who signed up for a coffee chat and to those of you who tried but spaces were full! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time (of which, I think, most of us are very short) and feedback. More on the results of those conversations at a later date.

A couple people mentioned in our talks how they would like to see more of my client work on the blog. As I’m sure you can understand, it takes a long time to complete projects! Moreover, sometimes projects end up being multi-stage, and justifying the cost of photography for a project that could have further reach is hard to do. However, I thought I’d share some in-progress pics from 2019, including, of course, update from my own Remodeling a Remuddle project.

Some of these are really in-progress, others I’ve taken a few quick iPhone pics, but styling and accents are still to be done.


Project Classic Colonial Revival


This project is in a 1990s era take on Colonial Revival style house and has included the dining room, exterior color, interior color, and mud room plans. The couple hails from Maine, and we’re going for fresh New England style. Here is a before/scheme/after of the dining room.




Blue grasscloth in dining room with red accents by Home Glow Design


Project Modern Mountain View


This home is a wonderful modern build by Sheldon Pennoyer Architects for a couple, the wife of whom’s family has lived on this land for generations. The view is the thing, with sweeping vistas of the mountains and surrounding farmland. This project has included the sun room and living room. Lots of menswear-inspired indoor/outdoor fabrics here!

Sun room before/scheme/after below.



Modern menswear-inspired sun room in outdoor fabrics by Home Glow Design


It really bugs me that I forgot to remove some TV-related clutter on the media console before I took the above shot.

Project Eclectic Antique


Project Eclectic Antique is a renovated 1790 farmhouse where we have thus far worked on 3 bedrooms. The client has the most amazing collection of global furniture and art, but in this room she wanted something airy and antique-y (but not creaky!).  At some point I should be able to share “before” pics. However, here is a scheme/after of the sweetest bedroom!

(The wallpaper was already in the room, having been selected by the client herself at an earlier period. We created all the rest of the scheme around it. Still waiting for a cherry red dresser!)




Project Shingle Style


Project Shingle Style is a lovely colonial revival home from the 1950s. Many original elements are still in the home. The young 30s-something couple that had the excellent taste to buy it have super traditional taste and wanted something luminous for their long living & piano room.

We’re adding applied moldings and shallow beams to give the room depth and lining the bookshelves with coordinating grasscloth. This one is literally in the works, with the painting happening all this week! Before/scheme/3D rendering below.




3D rendering of classic, luminous living room. Design by Home Glow Design.
3D rendering Kelly Fridline Design


Project Remodeling a Remuddle


Head to the blog posts for more specifics, but here are some more progress pics!



I know I haven’t gotten to the “Boot Room” yet, but you can get a little snippet above.



The HH’s #1 priority — a wood burning stove. This one is very shallow, as we don’t have much depth to play with in the “converted porch.”



The glorious window!!! THIS is what we’ve been Jonesing for and what is helping us hang in there through 10+ weeks of renovation at this point.



My husband chose the above chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting for the sitting area because he thought it looked “optimistic.” I love the man.



And the above pic JUST HAPPENED YESTERDAY!!! First batch of custom cabinets in taupe for the kitchen and green for the pantry. You also get a glimpse of the aqua rise & fall pendants I mentioned in this post.


Can’t wait to see you next week! I’ll be bursting at the seams with High Point trends for your Forever Homes!


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5 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks at Current Projects & High Point!!!”

  1. Oh Amy you are so talented!!! Love all your projects and can’t wait to see the finished kitchen!

  2. Gayle M Thompson

    Thank you so much for a beautiful post. I loved seeing your work in clients homes, and am beyond impressed with how good you are at color schemes. Wish you lived closer to North Carolina!

    1. Thank you so much, Gayle. I truly feel privileged to be entrusted with my clients hopes for their homes. I do Design Master Plans for distance clients, and can even add custom upholstery. Feel free to inquire!

  3. those windows!!! ALL the heart emojis available for that wall of light and view!! can’t wait to see more of the cabinets in place! Looking fantastic!

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