Colorful Kitchen Pendants Roundup (Including My Own!)



I wrote the majority of this post about 2 years ago (almost to the day!), but so many new options have come out since then (and so many of the old links are defunct), that I felt it was a good time to update it.

Also, at last I have my *own* colorful kitchen pendants, I just have to share how much joy their splash of color gives me!


Bad iPhone sneak peek below.

 Colorful Kitchen Pendants Roundup (Including My Own!)

Home Glow Design, Project #HGDremuddleremodel. My rise & fall pendants are from Hector Finch, which is to-the-trade only, but I have a look-alike if you read to the end of the post.


Colorful Kitchen Pendants


One of my favorite Pinterest pages that I have is my Color in the Kitchen page. On it, I’ve collected images of kitchens in almost every color under the sun … and when I say color, I mainly mean the cabinetry is in a color.

And while I dearly wanted to have colorful cabinetry in my kitchen, I decided to save my green cabinets for the combination Butler’s Pantry/Laundry room — mostly because of the mint green dining room next door (which you can see through the rear doorway in the above pic).


You gotta think about sight lines, people!


So I decided to have neutral cabinetry in a beautiful shade of beige.


I love many a neutral (white, cream, gray, beige, stained wood) kitchen. But even when I do, somehow I still want to bring in color, whether through fabrics, rugs, island stools/dining chairs, or, what I’m looking at today, lighting.


colorful kitchen island pendants green
via Apartment Therapy


colorful kitchen island pendants green
Source Unknown


I have a thing for green — can’t you tell? I like this vintage billiard pendant look with the charcoal cabinetry.


white kitchen colorful pendants
McCann Design Group


We will see the above very popular Urban Electric pendants again.


colorful green kitchen island pendants
Hendricks & Churchill


IMO, Hendricks & Churchill are the deVol Kitchens of the USA.


colorful kitchen yellow island pendants
Massucco Warner Miller


I told you we’d see it again. It’s the Carlyn Single light from Urban Electric, trade only.


colorful yellow kitchen island pendants
Apartment Therapy



Interior Design Floor Plan Tips Tricks Measurements



Yellow is the friendliest color, for sure. And don’t you want your kitchen to feel friendly????


colorful green cone kitchen island pendants
Ashley Gilbreath


Remember this image from my post on the amazingly detail-obsessed designer, Ashley Gilbreath?


colorful blue kitchen island pendants
Bria Hammel Interiors


A very popular Anne Morris pendant above. Comes in lots of gorgeous colors. Trade only.


colorful blue kitchen island pendants lanterns
Lynne Morgan


colorful kitchen island pendants turquoise lanterns
Lynn Morgan via NE Home Magazine


Lynn Morgan is a repeat offender with Urban Electric’s Chisholm Hall lantern in the two above projects.


colorful kitchen islands pendants lanterns
via Urban Electric


The Hamilton, above, looks fabulous in this new-old construction with just the inside painted red.


colorful kitchen island pendants lanterns
Summer Thornton


Same treatment above, but in brass. Loved this Wisconsin lake house project by Summer Thornton!


colorful kitchen island pendants
via Urban Electric


Why are so many of these lanterns from Urban Electric, you ask? Because the company allows designers to customize any fixture with pretty much any color they want.


colorful kitchen island pendants lanterns
Laura Burleson Interiors

I’m not really a hot pink kind of girl, but someone here is. These are the ubiquitous Darlana pendants by Visual Comfort but painted hot pink.


However, if it were me, I would probably buy this look-alike from Wayfair for $195 rather than pay $510 for something I’m planning to paint.


taupe kitchen marble green pendants
Tone on Tone


Above is one of my favorite kitchens ever and a big inspiration for own kitchen Remuddle Remodel.


Elizabeth Schmidt’s clients (kitchen below) certainly weren’t afraid of colorful island pendants — or color anywhere else for that matter!


yellow pendant lights colorful island lanternsElizabeth Schmidt



I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite colorful pendants and lanterns for you below. Lots of these come in multiple colors and all price ranges, so click on the links to see more options!


18 Colorful Pendant Lights


Top Row: 1 / 2 (I LOVE this ruffled & hammered look!) / 3 / 4

2nd Row: 1 (only $69) / 2 / 3 / 4 (50% off)

3rd Row: 1 / 2 (Can be painted any color. To-the-trade only.) / 3  / 4

4th Row: 1 (Similar to mine!) / 2 (A Becki Owens favorite, seen here.) / 3 / 4

Last Row: 1 / 2



Do you have any favorite colorful pendants? For the price and the fun element, I love the ruffled pendant, but these lanterns have such great color and yet still have a classic silhouette.


And for further reading, check out this post: 4 Tips for Creating Lighting Flow


See you next week!




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