FREE “Sheltering in Your Forever Home” 5-Week Decorating Challenge!


Hello, I’m back! I’ve been thinking A LOT about how I can support my readers & clients during this time of isolation and stress, and I’m here to announce a FREE 5-Week “Sheltering in Your Forever HOME Decorating Challenge!”



Right now, we are in our homes 24/7 for WEEKS, living each and every moment of our lives in our spaces as we never have before. Some of us are quarantined or isolated, some of us are ill, some of us are homeschooling kids for the first time ever and trying to balance work (raise your hand if that’s you!!!!).


For those of you who have fully decorated, spotless home environments – good for you! I’m sure your home is really serving you as a refuge!


For those of you that have been overwhelmed or stuck in trying to make your Forever Homes, how are you feeling???? Is your home supporting you? Or has this “sheltering in place” shown a big blaring spotlight on all the ways you are uncomfortable in your home?


This challenge is for all of you latter folks. Obviously, you can’t go shopping for furniture now, or even head up the road to Home Goods for accents or Whole Foods for flowers. But I have 5 EASY PEASY ways to get you ONE STEP closer to feeling AT HOME in your FOREVER HOUSE RIGHT NOW  – especially in these claustrophobic days!


If you join the challenge, you’ll be sent an invitation to a private Facebook Group I’ve set up. Each week, I’ll have a small, very accomplishable task for you. This task won’t involve spending a dime.

If you choose, you’ll upload a picture of the completed task. Each week will also include a related bonus task (for those of you who are REALLY on fire!).


For every task you upload, you’ll be entered into a lottery to win a 30-minute consultation via email with me to answer a specific question or address a specific problem you’re having with your interior — so that you can get moving on it when life gets back to normal! 😉


Let me emphasize that THIS IS NOT A DESIGN CONTEST. There is no judgement here, just support. We are all trying to make our homes more comfortable and joy-filled places, so that we not only ENDURE this crisis, but THRIVE IN NEW WAYS!


OK, I HATE being onscreen, but to show how much I love you readers, here’s a little video intro from me 🙂



GET ALL THE DETAILS and join in the fun HERE.


We begin this Sunday, March 22! (But you can join anytime in the next 5 weeks).

I hope you’ll take this step toward making your Forever house closer to the Forever HOME you always dreamed of. AND again, each post to the Facebook group enters you for a chance to win your free consultation via email with me.


See you on Facebook Sunday morning!




4 thoughts on “FREE “Sheltering in Your Forever Home” 5-Week Decorating Challenge!”

  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful offering for your readers! What about those of us not on Facebook, though? We are left out unless you can post the challenges by email as well. Thanks for your consideration, GG

    1. Hi GG. I’m glad you like the idea! I’ll have to think about that one. I know that FB will allow you to make a private account that no one can see unless you invite them. Have you thought about that? I might be able to accept email entries (just more for me to handle) and you just wouldn’t have the fun of the group. Why don’t you sign up, and when I send out the FB Group invite this evening, you can respond if you decide not to set up an account and we can go from there.

  2. Hi Amy. I love the idea of this challenge. I always appreciate your thoughtful approach to design. I too am not a Facebook member. Will you be posting the challenges on your website? It would be great to see your challenges and participate in the background, even it is not eligible for the consultation. Holly

    1. Hi Holly! I think each Saturday I’ll be doing a spotlight on the previous week’s challenge. Each blog post may also have an additional topic, but that way readers can also see my recommendations for a challenge, even if they choose not to participate. But I hope you’ll consider setting up a quick FB page, even if it’s private, to join us! I wasn’t on FB for years and years, except to see what close friends and family were doing. Thanks for your interest!

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