Our Lighting Plan for Project HGD Summer Sunsets


Things are progressing at Project HGD Summer Sunsets! Construction is going up, and we just finalized the lighting plan.


lake house lighting plan


If you remember this blog post from last spring where I gave a sneak peek of the inspiration for this project — a New Hampshire lake house by Bonin Architects — we started out with a “Style Guide” for our clients.

Style Guides are wonderful tools to help establish style & direction before getting into the nitty gritty. They aren’t always necessary, but they can be super useful if a homeowner is uncertain of his or her style. They can also be helpful in a project that is being designed in stages, allowing for each new layer that is decided upon to stay in line with the overall vision.


This was one of our inspiration photos.

Project Sneak Peek: Home Glow Design Sunset Summers at the Lake House
Benjamin Vandiver



In this project, the Style Guide helped to put the lighting into context for the homeowner. We gave a little snapshot of some of the inspiration and/or materials under consideration for the space pinned with the lighting fixtures we envisioned.



Lighting plan lake house


We try to show the “flow” between rooms that are connected.



Lighting plan lake house



The campaign chest for the entry above was an auction score by my client. So gorgeous!



Lighting plan lake house



We try to balance more “solid” looking fixtures with open or glass ones. For the open floor plan for the kitchen/dining/living area, we really wanted that amazing hurricane-chandelier-with-a-twist to take center stage. You’d have to see the floor plan, but the simple linen dining table fixture is a really nice bridge between the kitchen sconces/pendants and the living area fixtures.

The wife’s office is off the dining area and separated by sliding doors. A great spot for a textural & fun piece like the tiered abaca semi-flush mount!



Lighting plan lake house



In the master suite, we wanted a lighter palette with a bit of shine, but still organic in feel. The homeowner said the flush mount reminded her of an acorn — a good thing in this case! Notice that the sconces are the same ones we’ll be using in the stairs but in a hand-rubbed antique brass finish.



Lighting plan lake house



Two of the upstairs bedrooms will share a bathroom. This is where we want to have small funky touches to make each room unique. The ceilings are lower, so the ivory linen flush mount will give a bit of dimension to the ceilings & a soft glow, without being in-your-face. We want other things to catch your eye!



Lighting plan lake house


Lastly, there is a guest suite that will lean blue & serene. The recreation room over the garage will be where the husband can work & pursue his musical endeavors, so we wanted something more masculine.




When creating a lighting plan for an entire house, you really need to think about “FLOW.” But “flow” doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to be matchy-matchy — either in style or in finish. Check out these older posts!


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Do YOU have any lighting questions? Let me know in the comments! 


‘Til next Saturday!



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