Sneak Peeks & Current Project Updates


Hey All! I know I’ve been off for a couple of weeks. Took a vacation & got the new group of students going for the spring 2021 session of The Home Glow Method. But I’m back with some exciting sneak peeks at what’s on my burner right now!


Update for Project HDG Modern Rustic


First off, progress on HGD Modern Rustic, a 1740 New Hampshire farmhouse with a Montana twist (due to the previous owners).  You can see the before pics & the plans here.


Modern Rustic Entry with Windsor Bench, Vintage Rug -- Home Glow Design


This baby is finally installed and will be photographed at the beginning of June. Hopefully I can show you all the goodies before summer break! But here’s a little iphone pic of the entry.


Color Change


Next up is a project I briefly introduced in this post about how renderings can help homeowners visualize the final outcome of their projects & really feel confident about their direction. I’m calling it HGD Concord Brick House, a sweet colonial revival home in a lovely local area.

The project entails the home’s entry hall/stairs and living room. I’ll go into the plans, etc. if this project ends up going to photography. However, I wanted to show you that you’re not alone if you’re not sure of your style & need visual confirmation to be sure!


These homeowners love the colors …

Wait for it …

Blue & gray.


Shocker, I know. 😉 (I’m waiting for that New Hampshire client who is going to let me decorate in yellow and purple!) However, the homeowners said they were open to color suggestions, so I thought I would give my purple passions a go!


Entry / Stairs

The husband is English, so I hoped the tweedy herringbone carpet for the stair runner might strike his fancy and allow me a purple floral pillow on the entry chair (gray).

Blue Gray Purple Entry Design Scheme with Wallpaper


The wallpaper reminded me of a more youthful twist on one of my favorite William Morris patterns.


Living Room Option #1

Ok, here’s my lavender scheme.

Monochromatic Purple Lavender Design Scheme


I knew purple might be pushing them too much, so I had a blue scheme in my back pocket.


Living Room Option #2

Monochromatic Blue Living Room Design Scheme



They went with the blue.


It will be LOVELY, but I still cried a little tear for my monochromatic, lovely lavender scheme! Any takers out there? Let me know!


Interior Design Floor Plan Tips Tricks Measurements



I AM excited to do that all-over gray vine wallpaper in the entry, though. It was a total steal — a discontinued pattern of which there were the EXACT # of rolls I needed. Love it when that happens, because, I won’t kid you, usually things happen like this:

  1. You find the PERFECT thing.
  2. It costs a fortune, but perhaps the client is willing to go for it because it’s special and ties everything together.
  3. Before you can order it, it goes out of stock and is backordered 20 weeks, OR…
  4. It’s discontinued and you have to tear your hair out and spend hours sourcing a new item that fits the bill…
  5. Which will probably ALSO be out of stock, backordered, or discontinued without enough inventory left.


That’s the state of the design biz right now.


Plans for Project HGD Summer Sunsets


This new build on Lake Sunapee is finally designed!! We have a few tweaks to do, but the major furnishing/decor decisions were recently made for the ENTIRE HOME.

You can see the inspiration for this project here, and the lighting plan (including some tips for lighting flow) here.


But I wanted to share some renderings the fabulous Annilee Waterman created to bring my designs to life!


Great Room

This is the heart of the home!

Lake House Open Floor Plan Great Room Renderings


You get a sneak peek at the office in the right side of the above image. You always need to be thinking about flow & site lines!


Lake House Open Floor Plan Great Room Renderings


Drapes on the dining area windows help it feel cozier & more like a defined space.


Lake House Open Floor Plan Great Room Renderings


Lake House Open Floor Plan Great Room Renderings


Lake House Open Floor Plan Great Room Renderings


Lake House Open Floor Plan Great Room Renderings


Look back to the post on the lighting plan to learn more on making your lighting flow while still keeping it interesting!


Wife’s Office

This space is less than 10×10, so we really wanted to make it a little jewel box. The mural — a stylized forest — is perfect for the wooded lake location.

Feminine Modern Office with Mural Wallpaper Design Rendering


We were going for a little modern feminine — but NEW HAMPSHIRE feminine. What does that mean? It means fem with a no-nonsense, outdoorsy spirit. The desk chair is green leather; the window shades are super simple. How much do I love the pop of golden yellow?!


(Hey! I got some yellow into a design!! Thank you, dear client!)


Master Bedroom

This bedroom is all about layers — layered finishes (tongue & groove ceiling, subtle contrast trim),  window treatments (drapes & light filtering natural roller shades), layered luminous colors (shades of blue & green).

Layered Lake House Master Bedroom


This space is *a little* more traditional than the rest of the house, but that’s ok! The amazing rug in beiges, blues, & greens was the main inspiration for this space. The horse painting is the clients’.

This project is due to be installed in January 2022. As I alluded to previously, the supply chain for construction & design (and for everything else, for that matter) is totally screwed up right now. Nobody knows how long it will be this way. Projects that used to take 4-6 months are now taking 9-12 months. Oy.





I hope you’ve enjoyed these little previews! I’ll be back next week with a very useful, but very un-sexy post about light bulbs. Not everything in design is glamorous. (In fact, quite a lot of it isn’t.)


See you next week!



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  1. You do beautiful work! I would be all in on the purple if I were doing anything new. 🙃

  2. All gorgeous – you’re amazing Amy – your designs are always so beautiful and such an interesting mix.

    1. Thank you so much, Brenda! I’ve loved having you be a part of The Home Glow Method! Hopefully I can keep giving you some inspiration. 😘

  3. I love the living room esp. the green sofa and the office wallpaper/overall design so so much!! Apparently NH feminine is right up my alley.

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