Fresh Summer Spins on Victorian Classics: Wicker & William Morris

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It is GORGEOUS here in New Hampshire right now. Spring comes late in New Hampshire (heck it’s practically summer!), but at last the irises are blooming, the lilac trees are resplendent in their plumage, and the maples, oaks, willows, and birches are all sporting their best New Leaf Green.

With all this summery New England splendor, I thought I would highlight a couple new designer collections that celebrate New England summer in a nostalgic Victorian Arts & Crafts way — like new takes on wicker and classic William Morris patterns recolored and full of optimism. Enjoy!


The Treillage Collection from Bunny Williams


Wicker furniture (made from weaving rattan) has an incredibly long & fascinating history that goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, but one probably associates it most with the grand vacation “cottages” of the Victorian era.




One of the biggest manufacturers of the stuff swirly stuff in the 20th century was Heywood-Wakefield.


Antique Wicker and Rattan Arm Chair With Sister Parish Cushion. Haywood Wakefield style.


I even have a piece of vintage Heywood-Wakefield in my “converted porch.”

Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Unfitted Kitchen/Converted Porch


Reveal: Home Glow’s “Unfitted Kitchen/Converted Porch!)


Sadly, the company went out of business in 1979, but you can still find a number of vintage pieces on resale sites, Facebook, Craigslist, and flea markets.


However, vintage wicker isn’t for everyone. 50-100 years can definitely take it’s toll on a piece’s sturdiness! That’s why I was so excited to see the new Treillage collection from Bunny Williams Home which includes some beautifully curvaceous new wicker pieces!


The Kinley Sofa & Arm Chair


The Kenan Side Table


The Lucas Drinks Table

Aren’t the bun feet on the Lucas table adorable??

I love the way Bunny styled her new pieces against a backdrop of patterns that could conceivably be considered updates on the Victorian fascination with Indo-Persian floral motifs. Which leads very nicely into the next collection I would like to highlight….


Cornubia for William Morris by Ben Pentreath


Cornubia is actually the second “re-coloration” collaboration between Ben and Morris & Co., the first being Queen Square back in 2020. While Queen Square had a definite autumn/winter vibe (via saturated ’60s colors like turquoise and eggplant), Cornubia definitely evokes spring and summer with leaf greens, yellows, and sunny tangerines.


Fabric & wallpaper in Compton, a pattern that was originally designed by John Henry Dearle in 1895 especially for Compton Hall in Wolverhampton.


Marigold in yellow.


Woodland Weeds in Turquoise/Orange wallpaper & fabric.


Blackthorn wallpaper in spring.


You can see the whole collection here.

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A Fresh Victorian-Inspired Patio

(or Sunroom) 


Through tomorrow, One King’s Lane is having up to 25% off all its outdoor furniture! To that end, I’ve put together a Victorian-Inspired Patio (or sunroom), with:


  • Wicker
  • Asian chippendale
  • Morris style florals!

Shoppable links are below the mood board!

Victorian-Inspired Patio (1470 × 2204 px)


What do you think of the new Bunny Williams and Ben Pentreath/Morris & Co. collections? Yea or Nay?

‘Til next time, enjoy the glorious weather!


7 thoughts on “Fresh Summer Spins on Victorian Classics: Wicker & William Morris”

  1. Wow! What a collection of beautiful things! Do you know how to find the wall paper behind the side table and the chaise lounge? I rarely see wallpaper I love, but this is gorgeous! Thanks!

  2. Yea all the way! Growing up in 1950/60s South Florida the first purchase I ever made junking with my mom was a small wicker chair which today is used as a side table in our bathroom. I was probably 9 or 10. I dreamed of one day having a whole porch full which I finally accomplished only to find the butterflies loved cocooning in the wicker! I move on the metal outdoor furniture after that. I love the William Morris designs and color ways. Your vintage wicker chair is lovely.

    1. Thank you, Pamela! My son would LOVE the butterflies (even as they destroyed the wicker). He would probably just want to turn our porch into a butterfly habitat 🙂

  3. Definite yay for the Bunny Williams wicker — lovely, fresh and imaginative!

    Nay on the William Morris re-coloration. I like William Morris designs but the re-coloration is harsh; I prefer the softer Bradbury & Bradbury color interpretations.

    1. Hey Diane. Love your thoughts. Yes, I like the Bradbury & Bradbury color ways, as well. However, I do think that this second Cornubia collection from Ben Pentreath is more applicable to most homes than many in the Queen Square collection (beautiful, IMO, but still, fewer homeowners will be able to use them).

  4. I love all the photos, especially the Marigold room with the Staffordshire dog on the mantel. It is my great-grandmother’s (b 1874) living room of my memories. She had a pair of dogs, but her daughter broke it (by mistake, of course). I still have the remaining dog. Doesn’t really fit in with my decor, but it does make a cute door stop.
    Here on Cape Cod, my iris have not bloomed, yet, but, the peonies are beautiful.

    1. Hey Judy! SO sorry it took me a week to respond. I’m sure the Cape is GORGEOUS right now. I, too, have a pair of Staffordshire dogs and love them so much. I bought them when our beloved Brittany Spaniel died, because they reminded me so much of her. Always classic & beautiful!

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