Range Roundup: When 36″ Packs a Powerful (and Colorful) Punch

So, I had planned a color post for this weekend, and I will get to it another week, but then I thought of a Thanksgiving-ish topic that you might enjoy — even if it’s a little late. A beautiful range, aka stove! Stoves!!! Colorful stoves! Big capacity stoves! Stoves with double ovens and/or 5 or 6 burners! But stoves that will fit in your little kitchen. Stoves I have been lusting after for 4 years and will continue to do so for many a year yet.

When You’re a Big Time Cook — Without Big Time Space

(and a little picky about looks, too)

That’s me. Before kids, I LOVED to cook. Now, I really like it, and when someone takes the kids off my hands, I LOVE it again. For me, that’s a great thing about holidays. My handsome husband usually has to work (people tend to go to the hospital no matter what day of the year it is), but other family members come in to visit. My one condition — no, you don’t have to bring a dish, no you don’t have to bring wine, just keep the kids out of my kitchen!

If that can happen, I’m in a happy, happy place. I always have a few standby recipes, but I love to throw in 2 or 3 new dishes as well. The problem is I have only ONE oven (and it cooks hot) and only THREE working burners. Yeah, yeah, I know you apartment dwellers are saying, “So what?,” but darn-it, I’m in my house now. I want at least least four working burners for goodness’ sake! All my last minute sauces and garnishes are getting cold and forming thin films on top for lack of burner space.

And what about ovens! The dad’-burn turkey takes a few hours, but I want to cook a soufflé, too! Can’t. Heck, forget holidays, even weekend popovers mean that I can’t cook my bacon in the oven and have to deal with stovetop splatter!

I know, cry me a spoiled-middle-class-American river, right?

Anywho! A kitchen renovation is most likely not in my future. Too big, too expensive, too much college debt. But replacing my stove/range could be a someday thing. (BTW, if, however, you are in a position to renovate and want some help, pretty please call me! I will live vicariously through you!)

If I could replace the stove, what would I look for? Well, in my dream of dreams, my ideal would include:

  1. Awesome color
  2. 2 ovens (I don’t care if one is small!)
  3. 6 gas burners, including simmer settings
  4. High quality
  5. Fits into 36″

It all seemed possible until that last one right?

Well, I’m here to tell you it is possible, for a price of course. However, there are a number of options that are a 4 out of 5! If you find yourself in my situation, read on!

green 36" stove range
Smeg 36″ Pro-Style Range in Green

In 12 colors and with a price tag or $2,636.00 (that’s the 20% sale price through November 30), this is a great value! No double oven, but I’ll take those burners!

Verona 36″ Pro-Style Dual Fuel Double Oven Range

At first blush, this one checks off all the boxes (albeit colors are very limited). Amazing at $3,199. Reviews are mixed, but one can’t help but be intrigued. Please, some American company — make something like this!!!!

Aga Legacy 36″ Duel Fuel Range

Well, this one has a convection oven and a broiler oven and 5 burners! Getting closer! Only 5 colors. This one rings in at $5,599.

Blue Star 36″ RNB

Starting at $6,299, the Blue Star 36″ RNB can be configured for 6 burners (though we’re back down to one oven) and — dream come true — can be customized with more than 750 colors.

36″ Custom Color O’Keefe and Merritt

Oven, broiler oven, 4 burners and a griddle. Killer retro style. This one’s sold, but you better believe I have my eyes peeled for this model in the future.

The Cornuefe 90
The CornuFe 90 Albertine

Starting at $7,500, this is La Cornue’s entry model, but a pretty pricey pill to swallow for most, even so. Oh so pretty, with 13 colors and 4 trim colors. Still no double oven. 🙁

Viking Professional 7 Series
Viking Professional 7 Series

And the price keeps climbing, and only 7 colors. The cheapest I found this one rang it at $7,999 at Plessers Appliances.

Lacanche Beaune 36″ Range in Coral Blue

Oh my goodness! Two real ovens! SIX burners!!! French styling! Turquoise color! (There are, in fact 28 colors to choose from and 5 different trims.) THIS IS IT!!!!

For a minimum of $9,300.

Blair Harris

Tres jolie, n’est-ce pas?

But how to convince the husband that this range is necessary to his wife’s happiness. (Which, of course, it isn’t really. I just like being dramatic.) In order to fit a 48″ double oven range with 6 burners in my kitchen — something much easier to find for around $5K — I would probably have to do a $50K kitchen renovation. Therefore, the Lacanche actually saves money, right? So here is what I’m thinking — I plan to present my handsome husband with two options:

  1. $50K kitchen renovation
  2. $10K stove

Do you think he’ll bite? I think the stove is sounding like a pretty good deal. 🙂


Anybody have any of these ranges? I’d love to hear your experiences — especially with that Verona model! (Which, let’s be honest, is really more of a possibility. But a girl can dream.)



4 thoughts on “Range Roundup: When 36″ Packs a Powerful (and Colorful) Punch”

  1. This is the exact exploration I went through this summer. We bought our house in 1978, and I am just getting a new kitchen now. I wanted color too! I ended up with an Iilve in graphite. I am going for a black and white theme. Kitchen is just at the bare wall stage now. Hopefully I will have it installed by New Year.


    1. Did you choose a double oven or single? I’m sure it will be gorgeous! I hope I don’t have to wait 38 years for a kitchen update, but you never know. ?

  2. My mother has a vintage one with all of the features in the O’Keefe and Merritt you show. With the exception of the tiny oven, it is fantastic! She won’t get rid of it and in the Bay Area there is quite a market for these second-hand/vintage options. Is there the same market in New England? I would love to have one (in the long-term 😉

    1. The market isn’t as big for this particular style. Perhaps because there are fewer Craftsmsn era bungalows. I’ve long been a lover of vintage stoves, though, and I have a few New England restoration resources is you’re ever interested.

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