“No Plain Jane Powder Room” Reveal! (ORC Week 6)

Whew! And that’s wrap on the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge! Who knew that 18 square feet of space could take so long (or so much work!) to complete!


But here I am today to reveal Home Glow’s little jewel box of a “John” …


My “Ain’t No Plain Jane Powder Room.”


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design Green Trim Tile


A quick introduction if you’re new to Home Glow Design and Home Glow’s Saturday Blog —

I’m a New Hampshire designer helping home owners decorate their Forever Homes with the quality, comfort, and character that will stand the test of time! I love gorgeous colors and patterns, and I’m a sucker for architecturally/historically-inspired fresh classic design.




The “No Plain Jane Powder Room” is Home Glow’s 3rd ORC for my 1790 farmhouse in central New Hampshire.

My two previous “historically-inspired” spaces were:


The Ultimate She Shed Reveal





The “Ain’t No Plain Jane Powder Room” is directly off the above foyer.


My Spring 2019 ORC was inspired by my great love for Jane Austen (who would have been around 20 when my house was built) and a super funky fabric by Root Cellar Designs that I found and then had customized according to the colors I wanted and put on wallpaper.


Poltergeist Wallpaper Root Cellar Designs Home Glow


The wallpaper is called “Poltergeist” and shows a literary Regency-era lady shaking hands with her former/younger self.


Not unlike two of my favorite Austen biography-inspired films!


A young Jane Austen, as portrayed by Anne Hathaway, and a 35+ year-old Austen as created by Olivia Williams. From 2 of my all-time favorite Austen biography-inspired films, BECOMING JANE and MISS AUSTEN REGRETS (especially the latter).


Root Cellar Designs now offers Home Glow’s Poltergeist Sky Blue color way in both fabric and wallpaper.



A couple of “before” pics!

These are really earl stages “in-progress” shots, because I — of course! — forgot to take pics until after a few things had already been ripped out.





The bathroom had NO HEAT and had to be completely gutted in order to ensure the toilet water wouldn’t freeze during the winter.

If you want to catch up on all the how-tos of this tiny toilet space, check out the previous weeks’ posts.





(This is a must-read if you’re thinking of using this timeless, anti-trendy tile.)



Week 5: Window Treatments for Privacy (& Light!) in the Bathroom 



And now, on to the rest of the eye candy!


The first 4 photos are by Emily O’Brien Photography. Additional detail pics are my own, edited by iPhone Photography guru, designer extraordinaire, and Former Featured ORC Designer Linda Holt



This space is so tiny, the only shot we could get that also showed the green tile was of the toilet wall!


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design green trim tile


Ok, I’ve been HOARDING that gorgeous tiger maple Chippendale mirror for 2 years, just waiting to make over this room. I bought it at an auction, which is one of my favorite ways to acquire decor with soul (at a great price).

Balance is sooooooo key in good design. Just as there can only be one diva on the opera stage, and the rest of the cast plays supporting roles, the same goes with decorating — some items have to take a back seat. With that scroll-y mirror and, of course, the show-stopping wallpaper, I wanted my sconces to be understated. This is a farmhouse, after all, not a showplace.


I wanted them not to be too traditional, but not too modern either.


#FreshClassic, as I like to say.


These sconces by Urban Electric, one of my favorite lighting brands, beautifully fit the bill.


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


As with my She-Shed, I mixed my finishes. In this small space, I was able to mix bronze, nickel, and antique brass. I think it worked pretty well!


vintage-inspired faucet / antique brass soap dish


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


While I have a few trade-only sources for beautiful custom monogrammed linens, I have to be honest that I didn’t think about a hand towel until about 1 week before photography. I found this wonderful Etsy seller who makes the most adorable monogrammed items for the home. I chose the fun Scallop Circle Applique design.


polished nickel towel ring / matching tissue holder (not pictured) / sugared birch candle


The candle is sugared birch scent (the white birch is the state tree of New Hampshire!) and smells awesome.


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


In the above pic, you can see how my lighting differed from on other days — and the fact that it wasn’t done by a professional. 😉


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


A vintage original oil painting. The Handsome Husband’s requirements are that all art pieces must have some personal meaning, so I sold him on this one by calling it “Mr. Darcy’s Algae Pond.”


If you know the 1994 BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice as well as we do (There is no other worth watching, IMO. Sadly, my HH can quote it. It’s more a testament to his selflessness than his love for Jane Austen.), then you know what I mean.



This dive was done by a stunt double. “We didn’t want our leading man to catch Weil’s disease, which can be caught from rat urine in water,” said Director Simon Langton. If you really noticed how much algae was growing on that pond, you’d understand why.



Anywho! It looks nice in our powder room! And now it has *meaning.*


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


And let’s not forget the jewelry!

All of the door knobs in our house are mismatched. Some are old, some are bad 1980s faux brass. Almost all have been half painted over by careless painters. I decided it was time to take action!


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


We have so many eras in this house — Federal, Victorian, Edwardian, and bad mid-20th c. onward. The staircase in the foyer is definitely early 20th c., so that’s the look I went for with these crystal knobs!


No Plain Jane Powder Home Glow Design


Lastly, the sink I looked so long and hard for with a more shallow depth, clean lines, and vintage style. And that amazing green zellige tile on the floor!


If you’re considering zellige tile, you really should read this post and learn from my experience.



So there you have it! It’s all about the mix — a mix of design eras, a mix of finishes, and a little quirk thrown in!

I hope you enjoyed Home Glow Design’s “No Plain Jane Powder Room!” Head back over to the ORC to check out the 20 Featured Designers and the other 200+ Guest Bloggers. There’s some major talent out there and no end to inspiration!


I’ll be back on my regular schedule next Saturday with my usual post. I have an exciting announcement very soon, a  Design/Drink Lover’s Destination Weekend, and the beginning of my “Remodeling a Remuddle” 1790 kitchen renovation series. Please sign up in the right-hand side bar to receive Home Glow’s regular Saturday Blog posts so you don’t miss a thing!

‘Til next Saturday!


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31 thoughts on ““No Plain Jane Powder Room” Reveal! (ORC Week 6)”

  1. Wow, what a turnaround! It has so much character – I loooove that mirror (and the sconces are a wonderful second fiddle). The green floor is not quite my cup of tea but that’s ok, it’s not my house. There is a lot of heart in this tiny room, and it could so easily have been phoned in. You always turn up with interesting details that aren’t just the current “it” trend and I’m so looking forward to the kitchen reno!

    1. Thank you, Julie. Such a cherished comment! I do try to bring a *little* extra something into my designs, staying true to the character of the home without going over the top into something that will be faddish in later years. My mom is also not a green fan, though I *think* she believes the tile looks good — just not her thing. She may be being nice to me, however 😉

    1. Thanks, Angela! I have been slowly and very methodically bringing green into the color palette of our home. Some day I’ll do a post on how I’ve added the color without jarring the rest of the house scheme. It is my happiest color — and the color of the grass right now (at loooooooong last!). Thanks for following along!

    1. Thanks Lindsey! If you can’t be quirky in the powder room, you lose your chance! 😉

  2. You did such a wonderful job bringing everything together and making it look like it belongs in your home! Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Tricia! I’ve created a certain style for this house, and it definitely stays in that colorful/historical vein. Appreciate your following along!

  3. Wow, Amy, what a transformation! There are so many gorgeous detains in this one space. I love all the green touches you’ve added and the wallpaper you chose is fabulous. Congratulations on a job well done, CoCo

    1. I am an unabashed wallpaper aficionado. I find it hard NOT to wallpaper some spaces in my own home, haha!

    1. I’m a fan 🙂 The Root Cellar Design’s ladies have so many fun & unexpected patterns.

  4. What a gem! It turned out just perfect, Amy. The color palette, the tile, sink, faucet, and especially that amazing wallpaper! Oh, yes, the tiger maple mirror–I have one exactly like that, purchased at a tag sale many years ago. Great idea to use it in the powder room. I love the mixture of metals as well. So many homeowners get so anxious about all the metals matching, and you show just how interesting it can be to mix them. Looks way more authentic and organic.
    Enjoy your (now) heated powder room! Best of luck in the contest.

    1. What a sweet compliment! Yes, the boys will actually use it now that it isn’t freezing. You would think, now that it’s spring, the temp wouldn’t matter, but seeing as we’re struggling to hit 50 most days….

  5. Paula Moreshead

    I really like the transformation of your powder room….such a beautifully done space….unique and special in every detail.
    And, there is only one version of Pride and Prejudice in my opinion (and that of my four daughters who also love Jane Austen) and that is the one you mentioned from 1994!
    Good luck in the ORC challenge.


    1. Thank you, Paula! I’ve been rewatching the BBC series in celebration of finishing this space ?

  6. I love everything you did here and I really enjoyed this post with the Jane Austin back story. I wasn’t sure how the wallpaper would work but it’s perfect. Green and blue is a great combination. I love the striped roman shade and the cafe curtains, the sink and faucet. I’m not really a fan of bare bulb lighting but they actually look pretty nice and I’m sure your choices were limited. Great job! Thanks for posting all of your sources!

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