Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! — The Boot Room

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Today is the final REVEAL of my Remodeling a Remuddle project — our minuscule Boot Room!


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor


But first, to backup! As a whole, this Remuddle Remodel project encompassed the kitchen/converted screen porch, the butler’s pantry/laundry room combo, and this tiny little mudroom, all of which had been muddled some time from the 1970s-early 2000s. We finished the renovation just before Thanksgiving of last year, and this Boot Room was just what we needed for the snowy and muddy weather that quickly descended upon us.


My Unfitted Kitchen/Converted Porch REVEAL!

My Green Butler’s Pantry/Laundry Small Space Combo REVEAL!


A big cost saver in the overall project was keeping the foundational footprint of the original space the same, so we had to get the storage we needed in the space available. For this boot room, we had already spent much of our budget on cabinetry in the kitchen and the pantry/laundry, so we didn’t any beautiful built-in benches or the like here.


Here’s a “before” pic! There’s only one, because the space is that small!


People tripped over that step ALL THE TIME!!! You can see how the ceiling begins to change height before the space technically ends at the step. Everything just kind of “bled into the kitchen.” For the full plans, see this post.


I wanted to create a sense of entry — even if it was only a sort of “servants” entry!


We made the ceiling a single level and then sectioned the boot room off from the butler’s pantry/laundry with a cased opening, making it its own, defined space. We kept the original closet (changed the doors, though!) and added “unfitted” elements like some vintage bobbin chairs I’d been carting around for years looking for the perfect spot, a key basket, and pegs.


flush mount light / thin brick / seagrass door mats


I LOVE the thin brick floor. If you want to know how to keep it clean, I don’t. It just gets vacuumed every now and then. That’s the beauty of brick. It doesn’t show the dirt, so it always looks clean enough. It absorbs the water from muddy boots and then you vacuum up the particulate stuff. Grab this brick on Amazon day coming up on October 13-14!


Seagrass is also a workhorse material, both stain and water resistant. Super durable. I have it in my office, installed over concrete slab (read this post if you want to know about seagrass wall-to-wall carpet). These little door mats are 18″ x 30″, but if you need a 24″ x 36″, these are almost exactly the same.


Seagrass Carpet 101


My husband chose the antique brass nautically-inspired flush mount light fixture for this 7’6″ high space. Perfect.


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor


I wanted to wrap this space in wipeable v-groove paneling. The varnished walnut pegs bring warmth.


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor

fabric / window shutter bar


I fell in love with the look of gathered fabric door panels way back when I wrote this post on the layered style of Anna Spiro. This mid-scale botanical by Fabricut is a lovely linen blend at a great price.  The latch is by House of Antique Hardware.


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor

vintage Longaberger key basket


My parents both were raised in Ohio, the original headquarters of the famed Longaberger baskets. My beloved Aunt Gloria used to collect these baskets back in the ’80s and ’90s. I remember her kitchen was filled with them, hanging from the ceiling and all over the place. Because I can be a scatterbrain, I absolutely HAVE to put my keys in the same place every day, or I lose them. This little vintage wall key basket by Longaberger was just the thing! In addition to the leather handle, there is a picture hanger on the back that keeps it firm to the wall. It’s worked beautifully, and it makes me think of my Aunt Gloria.


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor



Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor

similar pair vintage corner bobbin chairs


I’d been holding on to this pair of bobbin chairs for almost 10 years, and I FINALLY found a place for them! In addition to the link above, I also found this set. A needlepoint pillow adds a touch of “granny.”


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor


The ceiling is very low — the floor & ceiling are at the level of the farmers porch outside, which was added during a 2003 renovation under the previous owners, and only allow 7’6″ of head space. I wanted to carry the blue color over the ceiling to in order extend the ceiling line. However, it was tricky finding the right aqua blue that was subtle and soft enough for the small and indirectly lit space (the sun never comes in the window directly). Opal Essence by Benjamin Moore did just the trick. The v-groove paneling is Benjamin Moore’s Linen White.



Around the corner you can see the entrance to the kitchen. Below is a little side-by-side so you can get an idea of flow between the 3 spaces.


Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! -- The Boot Room, Mudroom, Brick floor


I’ll have a couple of more posts in this series about our renovation before the holidays, but if you’re newer to the blog and would like the full back story, there is a bunch inspo for you below!


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Have a wonderful Columbus Day Weekend taking in this glorious autumn! The weather is gorgeous, but I’m praying for some rain after Monday. Our pond is about to dry up!

All the best!



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6 thoughts on “Remuddle Remodel REVEAL! — The Boot Room”

  1. Wow, Amy, even this little space is wonderful! And kudos to your photographer!
    I love antique brick and have it on a wall in my kitchen and twice used it as the backsplash behind the stove. Many have commented on how hard it must be to keep clean, but you explained it so well. It’s perfect for the bootroom floor!
    Love the V-groove paneling and your bobbin chairs!

    1. Thanks, Diana! Not a huge part of the renovation, but this little room does what we need it to do, while still making me smile. 😉

  2. Love the brick!! If I hadn’t used slate that’s what I would have gone with. Also doors with fabric are great! I use Ben Moore pearl finish on ceilings in dark places a lot, it punches them up just the right amount. Beautiful space😍

    1. Hi Rhonda! Yes, I’ve used a pearl finish on ceilings a few times, as well. I love it! So glad you like our little boot room!

  3. Adorable! And I absolutely love BM Opal Essence–I just painted my family room (now also my home office where I spend all of my time) that color and it is the best–fresh, calming and fun all at the same time! Congrats on all of your spaces–I just love your whole house!

    1. Hi Jenn! You’re the first person I know who has used Opal Essence. I think it’s a new fav of mine. Lighter than Palladian Blue (which in this space, believe it or not, was too dark), but still a lovely blue-green. Thank you on the well wishes. I was definitely tired after living through this project for 4 months, but it has definitely paid off in my family’s joy and emotional well-being!

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